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Personalization Cloud: APIs


The Personalization Cloud API gives your websites and apps access to personalized content and recommendations. 

In order to deliver links in the most efficient way possible and reduce latency, the API returns all required information in a single call. All the information needed to display the recommended products is available in the response.

Features include but are not limited to

  • Full reporting via the Personalization Cloud dashboard
  • Intelligent adjustment of data models based on user behavior
  • Merchandising rule support (the recommendations returned by the API respect all merchandising rules set up in the dashboard)

Important: Only call parameters that you need. Personalization Cloud operates off a set of APIs that support many applications and clients concurrently. Personalization Cloud may update and enhance these APIs at any time. If you are building a mobile app, please use our mobile SDKs.

Page Link Description


Returns the children of a given category down to a specified depth. To see the siblings of a category, use catalogInfo/siblings.
catalogInfo/siblings Returns the siblings of a given category.
doNotUse Marks a product that should not be used for recommendations. The product will not be used as a basis for personalized recommendations.
find/auto-complete Returns a list of popular search terms that start with a prefix.
find/search Returns product results for a search term. This is the main API to initiate search requests.
find/track/addtocart Records add to cart event for a product featured in the search results.
getProducts Returns product information for specified products.

Gives shoppers personalized recommendations based off browsing and purchase history.

Uses the userId parameter to return personalized recommendations.


Returns content for the given user and placement.

recsForPlacements Returns recommendations for a named placement and logs shopper behavior. 
recsUsingStrategy Returns recommendations from a specific strategy. No placement is required for this API call.
service/typeAhead Get type ahead suggestions for a keyword prefix.
service/userProfile Get user profile information for a user.
service/userProfileEventStream A web socket interface to receive all events that are streaming into the UPS (User Profile Service). When connected, you will receive one message for each event into the UPS.
userInfo Returns information about the user’s purchase and view history.
user/preference Records the customer’s preferences in the Personalization Cloud. Customers can like or dislike individual products, brands, categories, and stores. Customers can also single out products that they don’t  want to see in recommendations.
user/preference{USER ID} This is part of Customer Preference Center (CPC). It summarizes the customer's information and preferences. 


We highly recommend you use gzip compression in your HTTP request headers and response headers to ensure the best performance.

The client sends a header telling the server it accepts compressed content (gzip compression): Accept-Encoding: gzip

If the API receives the request header, the content will be compressed and the response will have a header: Content-Encoding: gzip


Your Algonomy team supplies you with this information. These are required by each API call:




API Client Key

[random character string]

Unique key specific to each API implementation. Identifies the specific application for reporting, permissions, logging and monitoring.


[random character string]

Your site’s API key, a unique identifier for your account.


Home_page.mobile_splash, category_page.call_center_right

This identifies a specific area of your page or application where personalized content will be displayed. (Not required for all API endpoints, but essential for recsForPlacements.)


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