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Find: Autocomplete API


Returns a list of popular search terms that start with a prefix.

The response is a list of product search terms.  (See below for more details on the response object)

If there are no search terms starting with that prefix it will return a 200 response with an empty array.



Name Data Type Required or Optional Description


String Required

The text to search auto complete suggestions for.

Example: query=shoes


String Required


Integer Required pagination parameter. Indicates start index of the result set.


Integer Required pagination parameter. Indicates total number items to include in the result set


String Optional

Identifies a single visit by a shopper.  Sessions are used by behavioral models (to scope user behavior in a shopping session) and reporting metrics.

Example: sessionId=93484

userId String Optional

User ID. A unique string to identify each shopper (user). All shopper behavior is stored using this key. It is case-sensitive, and should be the same user ID sent to RichRelevance in other applications.

Example: userId=0982347


String Optional

A channel is a description of the caller of this API.  It's mostly used to describe whether this API is being used in an Android app or a Call center app.

Example: ​channelId=CallCenter


Boolean Optional

If set to true this will log the search request event.  The default behavior is for this to be false.  In that case analytics and reporting are skipped.

NOTE: Only the values "true" and "false" will work.


String Optional Region Identifier
filter String Optional

Used to specify search filters. Filters that can be used in autocomplete are the type of terms, e.g.  filter=type:BRAND OR type:CATEGORY 

NOTE: terms are de-duplicated in index time. That means that if you send a request with filter and the term is already present in another type, it will not be returned.

Example: sending a request for "shoe" with "filter=type:CATEGORY" will not return the category "Shoes" if that term is already in another list - e.g. TOPTRENDS.

Example Request<API_KEY>?lang=en&query=max&log=true&userId=0982347&sessionId=93484&region=abc&channelId=CallCenter

Example Response

"id":"maxi dress",
"terms":"maxi dress",
"id":"maxi skirt",
"terms":"maxi skirt",
"id":"maxi dresses",
"terms":"maxi dresses",


Field Description
id Identifier for the auto complete suggestion
terms The auto complete word suggestion
type Type of the suggestion. Currently supported is "TOPTRENDS".
value Indicates popularity score of the suggestion
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