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Important: Only call parameters that you need. Personalization Cloud operates off a set of APIs that support many applications and clients concurrently.
Note: The URL requires the API key and parameter(s) to function properly. See below for more information on example URL requests. 
Description: this marks a product that should not be used for recommendations from myRecs. The product will not be used as a basis for personalized recommendations from myRecs.


Note:  All paramets are case sensitive.

Name Required or Optional Description




A unique key specific to each API implementation. It identifies the specific application or client for reporting, permissions, and merchandising. This is provided by RichRelevance.

Example: apiClientKey=b0126f995ac848159d

apiKey Required

A unique key that identifies the site. Each RichRelevance client has a unique API key to separate data and traffic from other clients. This is provided by RichRelevance.

Example: apiKey=4faeaf752ee40a0f

productId Required

A single product ID, or a list of product IDs. Part of an order definition on the purchase complete page. Use the pipe "|" character to separate the product IDs.

Example: productId=uv2345|xt1234

sessionId Required

Identifies a single visit by a shopper.  Sessions are used by behavioral models (to scope user behaviour in a shopping session) and reporting metrics.

Example: sessionId=93484

userId Required

User ID. A unique string to identify each shopper (user). All shopper behavior is stored using this key. It is case-sensitive, and should be the same user ID sent to RichRelevance in other applications.

Example: userId=0982347

Example Request


This call has no response. Instead, a cookie is set so that the recommendation is no longer displayed to the user, and Algonomy is notified to update its recommendation models.

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