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Important: Only call parameters that you need. Personalization Cloud operates off a set of APIs that support many applications and clients concurrently. Personalization Cloud may update and enhance these APIs at any time. If you are building a mobile app, please use our mobile SDKs.

Note: The URL requires the API key and parameter(s) to function properly. See below for more information on example URL requests.

Description: returns product information for specified products.


Note:  All paramets are case sensitive.

Name Required or Optional Description
apiClientKey Required

A unique key specific to each API implementation. It identifies the specific application or client for reporting, permissions, and merchandising. This is provided by RichRelevance.

Example: apiClientKey=b0126f995ac848159d

apiKey Required

A unique key that identifies the site. Each RichRelevance client has a unique API key to separate data and traffic from other clients. This is provided by RichRelevance.

Example: apiKey=4faeaf752ee40a0f

attribute Optional

Retrieves custom attributes provided in the catalog feed. Use this parameter multiple times to request more than one attribute by separating each attribute with the ampersand "&" character. Use the asterisk "*" character as the parameter value to request all attributes.

Example: &attribute=COLOR&attribute=SIZE

callback Optional

Name of the JavaScript function that JSON data will be passed to. It must be specified for JSONP. The value of this parameter is used as the name of the js function in the response.

Example: callback=products_returned

productId Required

A single product ID, or a list of product IDs. Part of an order definition on the purchase complete page. Use the pipe "|" character to separate the product IDs.

Example: productId=uv2345|xt1234

Example Request

Example Response

    "requestId": "",
    "products": [{
        "regionPriceDescription": "",
        "salePriceRangeCents": [1247, 1247],
        "rating": 4.77400016784668,
        "numReviews": 0,
        "priceRangeCents": [1097, 1097],
        "categoryIds": ["Grocery", "Baby", "Baby.Diapering", "Baby.Diapering & Potty", "Grocery.Infant & Childcare", "Baby.Diapering.Baby Wipes", "Baby.Diapering & Potty.Wipes", "Grocery.Infant & Childcare.Baby Skin Care & Grooming"],
        "salePriceCents": 1247,
        "imageURL": "",
        "name": "Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes, 448ct",
        "genre": "Baby",
        "isRecommendable": true,
        "priceCents": 1097,
        "id": "17177141",
        "categories": [{
            "hasChildren": false,
            "name": "Grocery",
            "id": "Grocery"
        }, {
            "hasChildren": false,
            "name": "Baby",
            "id": "Baby"
        }, {
            "hasChildren": false,
            "name": "Diapering",
            "id": "Baby.Diapering"
        }, {
            "hasChildren": false,
            "name": "Diapering & Potty",
            "id": "Baby.Diapering & Potty"
        }, {
            "hasChildren": false,
            "name": "Infant & Childcare",
            "id": "Grocery.Infant & Childcare"
        }, {
            "hasChildren": false,
            "name": "Baby Wipes",
            "id": "Baby.Diapering.Baby Wipes"
        }, {
            "hasChildren": false,
            "name": "Wipes",
            "id": "Baby.Diapering & Potty.Wipes"
        }, {
            "hasChildren": false,
            "name": "Baby Skin Care & Grooming",
            "id": "Grocery.Infant & Childcare.Baby Skin Care & Grooming"
        "brand": "Pampers"
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