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Placement Report API

Important: Only call parameters that you need. Personalization Cloud operates off a set of APIs that support many applications and clients concurrently. Personalization Cloud may update and enhance these APIs at any time.'/


1) The URL requires the environment (gateway, staging-gateway or qa-gateway), version and parameter(s) to function properly. See below for more information on example URL requests.

2) This API only provides the last 7 days of data and is meant for retrieving the data on a regular basis.

Description: This API allows the user to add, verify or delete placements.

OAuth Signature

POST {baseUrl}/oauth2/token

Request an authorization bearer token by authenticating using your client credentials. The /oauth2/token endpoint must be called first to get a token that will give access to the other endpoints. Use the client id and secret sent to you by Algonomy. The response from this API will contain your token, which will be valid until it is manually revoked. The response will be provided as JSON.

On all requests to the product and catalog APIs, pass an "Authorization: bearer MY_TOKEN" header. When the token expires you will need to get a new one using your client id and secret again.

Name Required or Optional Description
grant_type Required (string) The access token type. This is always client_credentials
client_id Required (string) The client's ID
client_secret Required (string)

A unique key to authorize a client app on behalf of the partner.

Example: clientSecret=wbhz6c41


Good Response:

"token_type": "bearer",
"access_token": "AABBCCDD"

Error Response: 

"error_description": "Invalid client authentication",
"error": "invalid_client"


"error_description": "Invalid grant_type",
"error": "unsupported_grant_type"

Placement Report


curl -H 'Authorization: bearer tokenGeneratedFromTheAboveStep' 
"Accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json" 
-X GET ''

Example Response


Response Parameters 

Name Example Description



The date.of the request



The ID assigned to the site


all, mobile

The id of the specified channel
currency EUR The currency format for the results
regionID 9999     
The ID for the specified region  



The name for the type of page on which the placement resides
placementName itemrecs_1 The name of the placement for which the data is being requested
views # Count of views
clicks # Count of clicks
items # Count of items in orders from recs
orders # Count of orders from recs
clkTruRate # Click Through Rate
attrSales # Attributable sales (sum of sales from recs)


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