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14.06 Release Notes (03/13/2014)



Creating/Overriding Client API Keys

Some clients need customizable API keys to keep track of those keys for reporting purposes. Your RichRelevance CSE can now manually define what those keys are.


Personalize API Update

Personalize API Documentation

New field in the response: html. This field represents fully formed HTML for the placement based on the layout and selected campaign. It is included in the response by default. Turn off by using the new excludeHtml request parameter.


MVT for global ranks: RichSort customers can now set up MVTs in Portal for manually optimizing global weights.

richsort .png


Banner Ads API: Support for Linking within Native Apps

The adsForPlacements API call now supports landing pages that are within native apps in addition to landing page URLs.

In Trafficker, when you set up a creative for a native iOS or Android application, you can enter key-value pairs that the app uses to create links within the app.


The API then returns these values in the response.

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