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14.07 Release Notes (03/27/2013)


Price Personalization

RichSort is now able to personalize a category listing based on a visitor's preferred price. This enhances the user experience and helps the retailer to convert the visitor to a buyer. If an visitor in the past viewed, clicked, or purchased products in certain price range, then that price range is used to calculate a price affinity which is used to boost products based on price that the visitor prefer.

Price personalization.png



Support for JSONP Response Format  

Any API created via DataMesh can now return a response in JSONP format. This can be enabled by providing a callback parameter in the call.

CSV Format Support for UCID in Recs and RichSort

DataMesh customers can now provide their universal customer mapping feed in CSV format. This customer mapping data will be used to improve the quality of personalization provided in RichRecs and RichSort. See here for more information about the universal customer mapping feature.

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