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Release Summary - Feb 23, 2023

The following key features and improvements, along with bug fixes, have been released in the Algonomy products during Feb 10-23, 2023.

Data Engineering

Added Session, Device Id, User Id Counts to Recommend Segment Report

Digital Optimization Manager can now view session count, rrguid count (device id), and user id count for a segment as part of Recommend Segment report so that users who are part of segments but not logged in are part of the report too and such users reports can be used for personalization.


Improvements in the Left Rail Navigation

The following improvements have been made in the left rail navigation of the Omni Channel Personalization Dashboard.

1.         Users can now select a submenu and move the scrollbar up or down, while doing so if the mouse goes out of left navigation, the menu doesn’t close automatically anymore.

2.       The left navigation menu can now stay in open state which prevents continuous in and out sliding of the left rail providing a better user experience when a user visits multiple pages.

3.       A Tooltip has been added for the Email Address when the Email Address value gets truncated.



UI Improvements in Configurable Strategies

The following UI improvements have been made in the Configurable Strategies window along with other related features.

1.       Added Show archived only and Hide archived features. The features show and hide archived strategies.

2.      When the user is in the Archive Strategy window, the Actions tab has Restore feature to reverse the state of the Configurable Strategy.

Other Feature Enhancements

The following feature enhancements or upgrades have been made during Feb 10-23, 2023.

Jira #




Enterprise Dashboard:

Unable to modify a user having all sites and create a new user with all sites

When you select all sites and all roles’ access, the request fails because of limit of the 200K on the number of characters in the payload. Hence it is migrated to a more concise format in both the request payload with the new format.



Convert GET to POST while calling /Search API on find-config-service

Convert dashboard calls from GET to POST and pass the keyword in the POST body instead of the URL.



Convert playservice links and boost request from GET to POST

When there are too many keywords, the playservice fails with a 5xx error. In this case convert playservice links and boost request from GET to POST.


Find, Streaming Catalog:

Durable fallback of cluster service

Updated the application.conf for cluster service by adding new values and deployed the cluster service latest version 0.13.

Bug and Support Fixes

The have been fixed made during Feb 10-23, 2023.

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Enterprise Dashboard:

Unable to create new compound and parameterized strategies since the 'New' button is not working

Creating new compound and parameterized strategies are not possible as the ‘New’ button was not working. The link is also not available over the button and no actions are fired even after clicking the button. This issue has been fixed.


Enterprise Dashboard:

Unable to delete multiple users from portal user section in dashboard

Unable to delete multiple users in a single go from the dashboard. Only the topmost users get deleted and the rest of the others will still exist. This issue has been fixed.



Auto Complete search in Advanced Merchandising not returning product ID

The Auto Complete search within Advanced Merchandising failed to return list of products/timeout when user starts entering the product external ID. This issue has been fixed. Now the search box is suggesting the result when entering at least 4 characters.


Engage, Enterprise Dashboard:

Sorting behavior changed after Engage performance fix

Sorting behavior has been changed for sort by external_id in content page and not working as was done in UI earlier for alphanumeric strings like 'content_XXXX' format. This issue has been fixed now by overriding the default postgres sort behaviour using regex to get the behaviour as expected.


Enterprise Dashboard:

Difficult to see Content Qualification when viewing Layout.

There was an issue to see Content Qualification properly when viewing non-editable layout. This issue has been fixed now for the given site ID.



Configurable Strategy providing unexpected recommendations

A client raised the issue that the Configurable Strategy using the 'Bought together in order' model and ‘omnichannel purchase history’ as the seed, returned all the products in the recommendations based on the previous purchases. However, the "Include the seed product with the product recommendations" option should include only one seed product in the recommendations instead of recommending all products from the user’s history when the user history is selected as a seed. This issue has been fixed now.



Show treatment Ids as part of MVT test setup

Digital Optimization Managers can now see treatment Ids as part of the test setup so that they can track the treatments through logs/console and identify if a treatment is playing for the specific test on the client site.
Treatment ID are shown as part of Configure Treatments area (Add/View/Edit).

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