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Release Summary - Mar 09, 2023

The following key features and improvements, along with bug fixes, have been released in the Algonomy products during Feb 23-Mar 09, 2023.

Data Engineering

Top 1000 Users by Different Ids in Session Report Per day

Client, Support, and Field teams can now get top 1000 users by user id, by rr user guid, or by session id per day in session reports. This would help them find odd things from the reports for instrumentation of users that have too many events while doing Instrumentation or changes to the client sites. The data will be available for 30 days.


Jira: ENG-24942


Added Range Slider for Engage Exploration Level

Exploration Level has been replaced with a range slider for better user experience and the label has been changed as Explore - Personalize. The slider range can be set between 1-200.

Jira: ENG-25444

Other Feature Enhancements

The following feature enhancements or upgrades have been made during Feb 23- Mar 09, 2023.

Jira #



General Availability




Unable to modify a user having all sites or create a new user with all sites

Required to migrate to a more concise format in both the request payload and in LDAP storage
with the new format.



Data Engineering:

Add ‘Variables’ Key to Experiences API Response


Dynamic Experiences developer needed to access the ’variables’ key in the response to the experiences request to build the Guided Selling experience.


Not generally available yet.




Remove log warning "keywords param is mandatory" when no search terms in report

If search terms report doesn’t return any results, the follow up call that tries to find boosts and links with the search terms keywords fails with an error.




Data Engineering:

Site analytics backup failing after new columns added to Site Analytics Rollup

Site analytics backup process was failing after new columns were added to the rollup. The backup process did not have any impact on reporting.





Add Geo Search configuration opt-in

Add two new fields in site config:

<checkbox-default unchecked> Catalog Streaming Geo location services enabled: Yes, No - default

<TextBox> Catalog Streaming Geo location JSON: {} or null - default



Data Engineering:

Include Overall Orders and Overall Sales metrics as part of the Master Rollup

The metrics ‘Overall Orders’ and ‘Overall Sales’ are added as part of the master rollup.




New Top Sellers model should use the existing Site Config

Number of products can now be increased to apply better sorting and filtering on a larger list to adjust the size of top sellers.




Add a flag to explicitly ignore SKU support in the Find Index

SKU grouping concept has been removed in Find and Discover. The following changes have been made to Find Indexer:

Disabled the SKU search attributes schema handling for Find and the associated grouped queries.

Disabled the one-document per SKU indexing in the Find Indexer.


Bug and Support Fixes

The have been fixed made during Feb 23-Mar 09, 2023.




General Availability




Rover eb client sending post requests for all links/boosts instead of GET

Rover eb client sending post requests for all links/boosts instead of GET





REI - getting 404 when using Social Proof

REI ran into an issue where they are seeing 404 errors sometimes when making the Social Proof call. It looks like the first time they land on a PDP; they’re getting a 404 error but if they refresh or load a second PDP, the social proof messaging shows up as expected.

Not generally available yet.




Fix Model Browser image size and runtimeStrategies.jsp

Image height has been changed to 200 px.

runtimeStrategies.jsp name is changed to configurableStrategies.jsp

configurableStrategies and home links are added as headers to the Model Browser page.



Enterprise Dashboard:

No results for first search in Search Test Drive causing no results for subsequent searches

On the Search Test Drive page, if the first search gets no results, then the subsequent searches also get no results without any message on the screen. The user was supposed to refresh the screen for every search. This issue has been fixed.



Enterprise Dashboard:

The ‘Region’ dropdown list is not lining up to the left in the second row

On the Search Test Drive page, the ‘Region’ dropdown list was placed in the second row and it was not aligned with the first row. Hence the ‘Region’ dropdown list is now placed in the first row and aligned with ‘Language’ dropdown list.



Enterprise Dashboard:

Changing Personalization Configuration changes the Placement Selection

The placement selection is being changed by changing the personalization settings. The placement selection should only be changed when user changes it. This is due to the language and placement values were changing automatically to default values by changing the personalization values like enabling/disabling or any changes using the sliders. This issue has been fixed.



Enterprise Dashboard:

Entire site name is not legible in new portal layout

In the new portal layout, user is unable to see the entire site name even after scrolling to the extreme right in the window. For example, in ECI groceries sites, user is unable to see the last part which indicates if it is a Portuguese or Spanish site with suffixes ‘_PT’ and ‘_ES’.

Hence this issue has been fixed by showing full site name in the search suggestions and tooltips are provided for selected and non-selected site names.



Social Proof:

Social Proof message is always shown above the provided selector

The Social Proof message was shown above the provided selector, that is on the top of the locator even though different positions like bottom or middle were selected. This issue has been fixed now.

Not generally available yet



Engage placement based on Scottish geographic segments does not get triggered

Engage placement based on geographic segments does not get triggered. This issue has been fixed now by updating the region codes data.
If you have a segment defined by geography using ‘State/Region’ that was not working as expected, you will need to modify your segment by removing the current selection and then reselecting the option again so that it uses the updated region codes.

March 09 2023_2.png




Unable to add Image-model in the JSON layout

A client was getting “Service unavailable” error when they tried to add a new variable (Image-model) in the standard JSON layout. This has been fixed now. Users are now able to successfully add new variables in the standard JSON layout.



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