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Release Summary - Mar 23, 2023

The following key features and improvements, along with bug fixes, have been released in the Algonomy products in the release version 23.08 during March 09-Mar 23, 2023.

Enterprise Dashboard

Added Lift & Confidence Level for Dynamic Experience Reporting

Users who perform variation testing can now make use of statistical analysis to determine if it is significant as we have introduced lift and confidence level in Dynamic Experience reporting.

Lift and confidence are unavailable for the base variation as it is the reference variation for other variations.

Lift and confidence are available for the following metrics for all other variations with respect to base variation:

  • ATC Rate
  • CTR
  • View Conversion Rate
  • Click Conversion Rate
  • View RPV
  • Click RPV
  • Views
  • Clicks
  • Sales
  • Orders

Jira: ENG-25296



Added Raw Metrics for Dynamic Experience Reporting

Digital optimization managers can now view the raw metrics alongside other metrics as part of the Dynamic Experience reporting.

The following raw metrics are available in the Dynamic Experience report:

  • View based ATC Visits
  • View Converted Visits
  • Click Converted Visits
  • Click Sales

Jira: ENG-25179


Introduced Capability to Add Multiple Regions in Recommend Restriction Rules

You can now add multiple regions for Recommend restriction and Boost rules by as CSV with a comma separator.  Users can then add or remove which ever regions they want from the UI. They can also select regions through a drop-down after adding.

Jira: ENG-25003



Data Engineering

Added Order Details to Dynamic Experience Reports

As part of Dynamic Experience reports, Orders value, associated with the variations, will now be displayed along with sales and other metrics in the Dynamic Experience reports.

Jira: ENG-25459



Updated ‘PUT Orders’ API to Support User ID as Path Variable

The ‘PUT Orders’ API end point has been updated to support User ID as path variable. The updated end is:


Jira: PLAT-3421


Avro Events by Omnichannel Orders API to Contain Internal and External Product IDs

Avro events created by Omnichannel API for online and offline orders now contain both internal and external product IDs, the same is available for data models too.

Batch size of the external product IDs for calling the streaming identity is now configurable through a consul property.

Jira: PLAT-3359


Introduced ‘SKU’ Attribute Type

SKU affinity captures the affinity of a user towards attributes such as color, size etc that are part of an SKU. The SKU affinity has been introduced now which helps in use cases such as sorting search results based on SKU affinity. The feature will result in better user experience and more revenue for the merchandisers. 

Jira: ENG-24597


Other Feature Enhancements

The following feature enhancements or upgrades have been made during Mar 09-Mar 23, 2023.

Jira #



General Availability


Streaming Catalog>Catalog Enrichment

Allow subscription in creating snapshot

With the new feature enhancement, the users can now subscribe a snapshot that is in the create state to a calculation data set. So that as and when dataset ingestion happens through the enrichment service, the attributes will get reconciled with the product catalog with no dependency on the snapshot status.




Data Engineering

Enable Placement product mapping for sites

Placement product mapping is enabled for a client site. Visit rollups are running properly with the updated configuration.

Not generally available yet.


Data Engineering:

Visualizing charts for Attach rate and Co-purchase Count 

Digital Optimization Managers can view different categories that are co-purchased with a primary category (Attach rate & Co-purchase count) through a bar chart and bubble chart.



Data Engineering> Find:

View Find API Count Report

Find customers can view the Find API count report as part of the portal to know the details of the API count on daily basis.



Data Engineering:

Enable Savepoint for Social Proof Jobs

Implement Savepoint for Social Proof jobs to safeguard the state of the job during manual cancellation/restart necessitated by configuration changes such as adding/removing site.



Data Engineering, Enterprise Dashboard, & Social Message:

Enable Social Proof message text to include User/Event count as a parameter

Social Proof message text is enabled to show either User count or Event count as a parameter.




Enable multiple schedules within a single Find-deployer instance

Enabled multiple schedules within a single Find-deployer instance





Migrate all mails to use Puppeteer


Mail requests are now handled by Puppeteer instead of PhantomJs. Phantomjs has been sunset. 




Enterprise Dashboard>Guided Selling:

Get and render recommended product

The Guided Selling template now renders the recommended products based on the selection of Options/Answers in questionnaire page.

The Recommended Products are fetched form RecsForPlacementContext API and rendered inside the defined placement.

Not yet available.



Recommend>Configurable Strategies:

All restriction rules should work with a configurable strategy context


Currently certain restriction rule options work with configurable strategies and others do not. The user expects that the strategies will be treated the same, whether configurable strategies, byos, or the standard strategies.


Identified the restriction rule options that do not work with a configurable strategy context. Provided a list of the filters that work with configurable strategies and those that don't.


Bug and Support Fixes

The following issues have been fixed during Mar 09-Mar 23, 2023.




General Availability


UPS, Mail

Font family Trade Gothic LT Std not supported

A client was facing issue with the font family ‘Trade Gothic LT Std.’ Earlier, this font was supported, and they were able to validate it while making changes to the email layouts. But now they weren’t. This has been fixed now.




Site accessibility issue

A client was getting assigned with a site randomly (among the sites assigned to him/her) instead of the default site. This has been fixed now. User is now able to see the default site on the extreme left of the dashboard, after logging in to the application.




User management- getting 503 error to load all users for all sites

User management is throwing 503 error while loading all users for all sites selection. Cache warmup, which calls the sites/v1 API, was being called for every user ID, instead of doing it at once. There are cases of empty API key and site IDs 0 and -1, and since there are no cache entries for these values, the cache ended up making a remote call and was causing significant delay in the API response. This issue has been fixed now by adding checks to not look up the cache for all site IDs and empty API key. Also, the cache warm-up is now done only once when the application starts up.


PLAT - 3382

Streaming Catalog> Catalog Enrichment

Getting NullPointerException on enrichment service

NullPointerException thrown on enrichment service while ingesting data. This issue has been fixed now.




Category restriction rule for recently purchased category not considering ancestor categories


The Restriction rule ‘Restrict recently purchased category products’ was not considering the ancestors of recently purchased products. This issue has been fixed now, both in legacy and configurable strategies. The Restriction rule will now honour the recently purchased product categories and the ancestors also.



Enterprise Dashboard

Data extract issue in Order Details report

The Order Details report allows users to extract data for the period of 30 days from the current date. However, while generating data from the Order Details report for period earlier than 30 days (considering from current date), the user was getting a "No data found" message. Now the selection of dates in the UI beyond retention period, has been disabled so that users know for what period they can get data.




Request is timing out with External Price Filters

The request with External Price Filters was getting timed out. The issue has been fixed.



Enterprise Dashboard:

UI issue while creating Campaigns

During the Campaigns creation, when a user selected a category in the ‘Category Selector’ window, it automatically selected its last subcategory, which is a wrong behavior. The issue has been fixed.



Enterprise Dashboard:

Placement selection changes when opening Manual Recommendation Rule

In manual recommendation rule when "Use first requested placement" was shown as selected, but if you open the "select placement" section you would see that there was already a placement selected. The issue has been fixed.


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