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Release Summary - January 2022


New options have been released for Configurable Strategies. The Replenishment models have been added so that you can easily view the results of those models. In addition, you the Smart Shuffle sort option has been added to re-rank products on each view for a strategy. The Smart Shuffle re-ranks the position of top ranked products returned from the model. The ability to exclude items that are part of the seed product category has also been added as a filter option.

Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 2.56.39 PM.png

You can also now delete a Configurable Strategy from the Configurable Strategies list page. 

We have opened up the ability to control the visitor input used by Experience Optimizer. Using a FTRL algorithm, Experience Optimizer captures visitor input and learns which visitor input influences the decision to play a strategy or content for a visitor to yield the best result, given the optimization metric selected. By narrowing the visitor input you can improve the effectiveness of Experience Optimizer to only consider the input that you feel is most relevant, which may improve the performance of the algorithm to more quickly recognize influencers. 

On the Model Options page you can now see the number of seeds and the number of recommendations in a model. Examples of a seed would be a product that a user is looking at (product context) or category passed in from a category page. If you change the model options, by changing the look back period for example, you can see the impact of the change after the model is built again. 


A new option for page type and placement clarifies the filter selection for the Site Analytics, Placement, and Strategies report. Now you can explicitly select the option that you want to use. 

Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 3.04.59 PM.png

The Dynamic Experiences report has been updated for experiences that are presenting content that is viewed by the user but with no call to action. For example, you can now see the impact of a user seeing a certain social proof variation on add to cart rate, conversion rate, and revenue per visit. View and Click metrics are separated.

Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 3.09.17 PM.png

The new metrics are:

  • Add to Cart Rate - the rate for those visits that viewed this variation clicked to add to cart
  • View Conversion Rate - the conversion rate (purchase) for those visits that viewed this variation
  • Click Conversion Rate - the conversion rate (purchase) for those visits that clicked on this variation
  • View Revenue per Visit - the revenue per visit for the visits that viewed this variation
  • Click Revenue per Visit - the revenue per visit for the visits that clicked on this variation

The region filter for the Sales report is now a multi-select field, where if you select multiple regions, the data will be combined for the regions. 


Several updates have been made to the Dashboard to retain your filter and sort selections as you navigate away and return to a page. For example, for Campaigns page under Content, you can filter by a specific placement, click to a view a campaign, then return to the list page with your filter still applied. These changes have been made on multiple pages and we will continue to make changes like these to improve the experience in the Dashboard. 

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