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22.48 Release Notes (Dec 1, 2022 Release)

The following improvements and bug fixes have been made in the Algonomy products in December for the week 48, 2022.

Enterprise Dashboard

The following enhancements have been made in the Algonomy Social Proof.

Note: All the tickets are Customer Facing.

Social Proof Enhancements and Fixes





Improved UI for Variation Listing

Enhanced UI and added a table for listing variations on Default Campaign page.



Provided Call to Action Links/Buttons

The following call to action links/buttons has been added, corresponding to all the variations associated with the campaign.

  • Create new variation
  • Edit variation
  • Edit campaign


Improved UI for Message Specifications in Variations

The following enhancements have been made for Message Specification while creating new variation or editing variations.

  • Enhanced UI for:
    • Page type selector.
    • Message type editor.
    • Message type container.
    • Message type specification.
  • Added:
    • Drag and drop for priority change of messages.
    • Editor for basic font styling.
  • Integrated API for message type specification.


1. UI -Publish/unpublish variation: ENG-22678

2. UI - update the audience: ENG-22679

3. UI - Copy the variation: ENG-22680

4. UI - delete the variation: ENG-22681

Improved UI for Variation tabs

The following enhancements have been made in the variation tabs.

  • Integrated APIs to:
    • Publish/unpublish variation in the variation tabs.
    • Update audience.
    • Copy variation from the variation tabs.
    • Delete variation.

1. UI - Message position setup: ENG-22660

2. UI - Message styling editor: ENG-22661

3. UI - Color palette: ENG-22662

4. UI - Code Editor: ENG-22663

Improved UI for Message Style Configurator

The following improvements have been made for Message Style Configuration. With the new UI enhancements, the user will be able to:

  • Setup message position.
  • Set the CSS with multiple options available to make the message design as per the choice.
  • Choose the foreground and background colour of the message content using the color palette.
  • Write HTML, CSS and JavaScript code using Code Editor format the message.

1. UI/Feature - Publish Variation: ENG-22693

2. UI - Show summary: ENG-22670

3. UI - Publish Variation: ENG-22671

4. API to publish variation: ENG-22672

5. API to save variation/campaign: ENG-22673

6. API Response Pop-up: ENG-22674


Improved UI for Publishing Variation

The following enhancements have been made to help publish Variation when a user edits or creates new Variation (other than the default)..

  • Enhanced UI to:
    • Show the selected context and segment name in RHS container on the Preview page.
    • Publish variation based on the selection as per schedule.
  • Integrated APIs to:
    • Publish the Variation.
    • Save the Variation associated with the campaign.
    • Show pop-up after successful save/error of campaign.

Data Engineering


Title: Increased Optimization/Exploration Level on Campaign Page Optimization

Summary:  When the Content List report is viewed with Optimization Level set at 9, the first piece of content had the best CTR. However, when the same report was viewed by ‘’View’, the above content did not have the most views as it was expected. Moreover, other content seems to have very similar views. Similar, results were observed in different placements of content.

If you change the Optimization level to higher than 9, then the system is expected to give more visibility (views) to the content that has the best CTR (or RPV). Hence now the options for optimization/exploration level have been changed to a higher maximum value. Clients can now set the values from 1 to 200. It is recommended to have exploration level set to 100 or above.


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