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Release Summary - July 2021


Visual AI has been updated with performance improvements to handle larger product catalogs. Those with fashion or furniture products who are interested in trying out Image Similarity or Complete the Look using their product images contact your Algonomy account team. We will test the model build process end-to-end and ensure strategies are created using Configurable Strategies. You can also narrow the product set used for the model by specifying the categories of products to use for the model. All products matching the specified categories or their sub-categories will be included. 

Visual AI models can easily be selected within Configurable Strategies to create a strategy.

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 1.46.29 PM.png


Social Proof Messaging

Social proof messaging (e.g. "15 people are viewing this right now") can be configured to display on your site by using Dynamic Experience templates specifically for a product detail page and a product list page. You will see the templates available in the list with Dynamic Experiences. More templates are coming to support multiple different page types and locations. Contact Algonomy if you would like to try Social Proof Messaging. 

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Support for n-gram search has been added to Find. You can now support partial word search by users to return results that contain the text entered. For example, if you search for "Logi" it will return results with "Logikk". 

You can also export your Search Term Expansions to a csv file. Clicking on the Export button will automatically export all of the search term expansions an download them. 

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