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Release Summary - August 2021


Support for brand and category filters (filcat and filbr) when using the recsForPlacements() API have been added for strategies created from Configurable Strategies. 

SessionPurchaseCP was changed to be specific to products purchased in the same order vs the same session, as many sites use much longer sessions which led to a lot of products in the model that were not intentionally bought together. 

Social Proof Messaging

A new template allows you to easily display social proof messages on a product list page. You can specify the top or bottom of the image in the product list. As with all templates you can modify the code for you variation to change the display of the message beyond what the template enables. 

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 2.05.23 PM.png


There is now a way to specify a facet.limit with the facetsOnly response style.  Previously facetsOnly defaulted to a value of 100 and could not be changed. With facets.limit, customers can limit the response for facets.

Special symbols like the plus sign "+" can now be indexed as "text" words to be easily indexed and queried.  For English only, the following symbols have been tested:

"®" => "registered"

  "©" => "copyright"

  "™" => "trademark”

   "\+" => "plus”

A new file "charmapper.txt" is where special symbols and their associated "text" are managed. Currently, the file is blank for all languages except for English.  For all other languages we can add symbols and their associated "text".  The file is uploaded to the language service following the same process as for stopwords.txt and protected words. 


Site Analytics has been updated to enable the table to display with different combinations of dimensions based upon your selection for de-aggregating the dimensions. For example, you can see table with Channel and Strategy de-aggregated, where only Channel and Strategy will be included in the table. 

The Content List report provides a way to see how content has performed for each metric over a period of time. You can see all of your content or select one or more placements where content is played. 

Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 12.05.27 PM.png


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