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Release Summary (March 2019)

February Release Summary

The following features have been completed in February. If you have questions about any of the items on this page, please contact your RichRelevance team.


Experience Browser

New in the Experience Browser this month are several advancements around Segments.  This includes adding Segments to the Placement Content page and the addition of the Placement Segment Repot.  Together, these improvements allow you to see how segments are performing against each content item and where segments might be under performing for a placement.  There is also a new Discovered Segments Report, which gives you insight into segments that you might not have considered, allowing you to create these segments to use in targeting content and recommendations.   

Placement Content Report with Segments

Exp Br Content Placement with Segments.jpg

For more information regarding the Placement Content Report, see Experience Browser: Placement Content

Placement Segment Report

Exp Br Placement Segment Report Page.JPG

For more information about the Placement Segment Report, see: Experience Browser: Placement Segment Report


In an update to our autocomplete service, we have improved the region ID used by the autocomplete index, aligning it with incoming requests to ensure that the match is made.


There is a new API, currently in beta, which allows users better control over recommendations on pages like your home page.  The recsForPlacementContext API allows greater flexibility and the ability to determine a specific product to build recommendations around.  This API is in limited use, but if it is something you might be interested in using, contact your RichRelevance team.


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