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Release Summary (February 2019)

Release Summary

The following features were included in the work done during January. If you have questions about any of the items on this page, please contact your RichRelevance team.

Catalog Update API

The Catalog Update API enables users to send catalog update requests as catalog changes are made. With this release, we have added localization support for names, image URLs and other attributes and a region end point to manage regions for the catalog.

For more information about implementing this API, see Catalog Update API.

Experience Insights

In a continuing effort to improve the insights provided in our reports, several changes and improvements have been made.  With  the Merchandising report, we have changed the drop down menu for Products, Categories and Brands to expose all three, making it easier for users to see and be aware of their options. By default, the Merchandising Report shows the top 50 products.

Merchandising Report Page.JPG

For further information on the Merchandising Report, see Reporting: Merchandising Report (BETA).

For the Advanced Merchandising Report, we have enabled Rules and Placements as filters for the bar chart.  The default is set to show all rules and all placements.

Advanced Merchandising Report Page.JPG

For more information about the Advanced Merchandising report, see Reporting: Advanced Merchandising Rules Report (Beta)


A request from a customer has prompted some changes to search queries to enable searches that retrieve only product ids and scores, increasing the max rows value to 10,000 and adding the query parameter responseStyle.  This will allow clients to query just the product ids and score to join the query results to an external system.



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