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Release Summary (April 2019)

Release Summary

The following features have been completed in March. If you have questions about any of the items on this page, please contact your RichRelevance team.

Experience Optimizer

RN Exp Optimizer.JPG

With the new Experience Optimizer, users can set the optimization metric for each individual page type.  This allows users to chose the best optimization metric for the performance they desire to see on that page. The available metrics include clickthrough rate, attributable revenue, overall conversion and attributable revenue.  Once the Experience Optimizer is enabled, users can set an exploration percentage and run MVT tests to compare the performance of different optimization metrics.

To read more about the Experience Optimizer, see Recommend: Experience Optimizer Configuration.  To read more about MVT tests with Experience Optimizer, see How to Create Multivariate Tests.  If you would like to begin using the Experience Optimizer, please contact your RichRelevance Team.


Search Terms Report

RN Search Terms Report.JPG

Several improvements have gone into this report recently, including an improved search that allows users to find search terms across all pages of the report and the ability to download both the All Queries and the Zero Result Queries tables in a CSV formatted file.

For more information about the Search Terms Report, see Reporting: Search Terms

Find Configuration Service

A new configuration API is in early adoption phase allowing users to use GET and UPDATE operations to manage the product and content search attribute settings.  If this is something that you are interested in, please reach out to your Rich Relevance Team.

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