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Release Summary (May 2019)


When creating a Search Link Rule, the system now makes it clearer to the user that fields such as the Rule NameLink and Search Terms are mandatory, making it easier to create successful links. 

New parameters have been added to help control the find result set and improve query performance.  For Product or Content search services the use of facetsOnly as an addition to the responseStyle parameter will enable a customized search response that will return only the facets and eliminating any limits on the size of the response.  The parameter fl has also been added, allowing users to customize the response with specific, requested fields, resulting in a smaller result set, which in turn can improve query performance.


For some strategies, views and clicks were not being logged to the proper strategy with which they correspond. Views were getting logged to the child strategy and clicks were getting logged to the parent strategy. We now keep track of the strategyId and strategyName used in the view context and apply it to each recs' click url.

The number of recs returned by the strategies was less than the minimum number of the layout/placement. We have modified this so that only those layouts whose minimum number is less than or equal to the number of recs returned by the strategy are considered during the layout selection logic. 

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