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Release Summary (June 2019)


We added an additional param “fl” to the request to enable fetching only the requested fields in the result set along with id & score. For some customers the smaller result set could improve query performance. 

You can now configure search attributes for Find through an API. Instead of configuring each product search attribute using the Portal UI, such as setting an attribute to be facetable or searchable, you can now update the search configuration through a new Configuration API. For those with a large number of product search attributes, the API offers a faster way to make the updates.

A new facetsOnly option for "responseStyle" with the Find Search Service has been provided for returning only facets in the response. The option reduces the overhead on the search service response. It enables site maps by providing all manufacturers and all categories for the catalog. These manufacturers and categories are in the facets for the products that pass the specified filters. 

On the Home Page Search Performance graph, when updating the date, the stats below the graph were not updating. When new data is requested on date change we now update the Search Performance stats section. 

Link fields have been added to the find content search API. The link field for direct, sponsored and banner links have beem added, so you can now see these fields in the response 

"links": { 

"directlink": [], 

"banner": [], 

"sponsored": [] 



We've added support to keep a copy of the cookie as a backup in the browser's local storage. In the case that a visitor's cookie expires, the local storage backup retains cookie information to be used for personalization.


When a user has no view history and a placement is set to only use RecentHistoricalItems, a placement should not be returned. A placement with a strategy rule in place to use only the strategy listed, a backfill strategy was still being used when the listed strategy was not available. This issue has been addressed by correcting the exploration chance comparison.

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