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18.04 Release Notes



Title: Advanced Merchandising: Addition of Ratings condition to rules creation 
Summary: A merchandiser will now be able to create rules within advanced merchandising to target by ratings within a given range. 

adv merch release notes 1804.png




Title: New Best Selling New Products in Segment strategy. 
Summary: Same as TopSellersInSegment strategy except this strategy is for new arrivals products. 

Bug Fixes

Issue: PS Catalog Job are not building/being updated. 
Fix: Check the 'null' value that is coming from the feed and replace with empty string.

Issue: The brandid parameter was not functioning as a filter for a given brand as expected 
Fix: Additional filtering parameters have been added to the cache key for mail requests, such that different ordering/filtering capabilities will be cached independently. No integration updates are required. 

Issue: The "fields" parameter didn't work in UserPreferences API 
Fix: Add the code processing this parameter



Title: Add languages for stemming in Find 
Summary: Add specific language filters in the schema file for Polish


Bug Fixes

Issue: Engage Content Rules pages was slow to load for some clients (e.g. swap, 
Fix: Content and placements requests on this page were made asynchronous, so all rules table is now showed earlier. Though edit rule page and preview rule modal may still show "Loading..." div if requests are still pending. 


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