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18.05 Release Notes


Bug Fixes

Issue: Catalog Browser - products with regional pricing would not display the right currency 
Fix: Matching the regional price region information with the region api allowed us to look up the right currency information to render the currency with the right currency symbol and multiplier 



AM backfill is modified 
Summary: When an AM rule is used, the system will now backfill all spaces open in the placement, rather than just backfilling just until that minimum item count is reached.



Title: Apply search attribute filters config to autocomplete. 
Summary:Apply search attribute filters config to autocomplete during the index time, because the apply response doesn't have the attributes info. Ensures that search and autocomplete data will be consistent. 
Detail: With this change, if the region in_Stock is set to true in the site config, the autocomplete api will display only the available terms in the region. 
Config path: portal -> admin -> Site Configurations rr -> Complementary search config json -> add searchAttributesfilters to the json


Title: Use metadata in deployer service to deploy arbitrary collections 
Summary: Allow deploying collections that are not the usual ones (boosts, catalog, toptrends, links and merchandisingrules). Additional to this two doc pages were generated for showing what's the required structure of an index zip file and the required metadata information for sinkstore.



Bug Fixes



Title: MVT region test set up 
Summary: A new config will allow region-based MVT when it is in the "ON" position.  If the config is turned off, the site will behave as a non-regional site, regardless of whether there are regions in the catalog.

Bug Fixes

Issue: API Users requesting MVT information would only receive details for a single test, and only if that test was not marked as concurrent. 
Fix: Altered the logic to exclude concurrent tests from the API response. 

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