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18.06 Release Notes



Recommend Merchandising: Boost by product ratings & reviews 
Summary: Merchandisers can now use ratings and reviews to target boosts (What would you like this rule to boost) in the same way that ratings and reviews can be used as a context section (where would you like to see this rule applied).



New Top Products in Segment strategy
Summary: This strategy uses the same underlying model as TopProducts. Starting with the best segment, it checks if the segment can provide recs else it moves to the next best segment. It keeps on moving to the next segment only if the previous segment could not provide any recs. As soon as any segment provides recs it skips the remaining segments.

Bug Fixes

Issue: Responsive Email Images render with a white border. 
Fix: In order to generate the image, the image is inserted into a basic HTML template and that HTML is rendered and returned. By default, the "body" element in html has a 8 pixel padding; this fix forces that padding to 0. 



Improvement of segment export listener
Summary: offset management support for Spark Kafka Streaming was added, it allows to process events from Kafka after listener's shutdown 

Improvement of segment export scheduler
Summary: Scheduler uses segment export's schedule specified in Dashboard by client to run eval-export job.

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