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18.03 Release Notes



Summary: Unlike usual LeastExpensiveViewedPurchasedStrategy this strategy differentiate data by segments. 


Summary: Added the new strategy PersonalizedPurchaseCPInSegmentsStrategy. Unlike usual PersonalizedPurchaseCPStrategy this strategy has data differentiated by segments. 


Issue: While creating an AM rule, when a special character is included in the searched term, the list of returned values becomes empty. Searched term could be attribute, product etc. 
Fix: Updated the search query to handle the html escaped code. 

Issue: {rr}Debug - Recommend/Engage: Placement menu is disappeared when reloading a page after hiding CFRAD page 
Fix: rrDebug code was updated 



Ingesting Flat Files as-is through the Feed 
Summary : This feature enables the client to upload and add the following to category association to the site configuration through feeds in IndexBuilder Process. 

  • Synonym import 
  • Category facet

Details :  The screenshot shows after the job is being triggered and successfully completed. 

  18.03find 2.png


Bug Fixes

Issue: Preview links for Engage rules and content were not functioning properly. 
Fix: Preview links are now working as expected.

Issue: When constructing a rule, and searching for content using tag filter, Cyrillic characters where not supported properly. 
Fix: Cyrillic characters are now properly supported in the tag filter on Rule page. 

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