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18.08 Release Notes


Bug Fixes

Issue: Advanced Merchandising: When applying a region to the Context definition, the resulting set of products is empty. 
Fix: The formatting of the rule has been updated to reflect what the back end is expecting



BYOS Duplicate Strategy Prevention 
Summary: This feature prevents user from creating a strategy that uses the same table and columns as a strategy that already exists. 

Top Viewed Products in Segments Strategy 
Summary: This strategy provides the recommendation based on top viewed products in given user segment. 

Bug Fixes

Issue: Page loading in BYOS dashboard is slow. 
Fix: The current API causes the page to load slow because it includes the scheduling for each manual strategy. The API was replaced with a new API which includes the scheduling for each strategy and will be called when user clicks on the 'Edit Schedule'. 


Bug Fixes

Issue: A leak caused by release not called on ByteBuf in the nebula ]service framework dependency that both genre service and user service depend on. 
Fix: This bug was fixed in nebula in late September of 2017, but these two services were not updated to depend on this fixed version until this release. 

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