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18.09 Release Notes



"New To You in Segment" strategy
Summary: This strategy behaves exactly like TopProductsInSegments with the only difference of filtering out any products the user has viewed

Bug Fixes

Issue: Manual Strategy for Sitewide is using lowercase 'sitewide' for the key, however, the model build for manual strategy parses a file in hdfs and puts the string in the first column as a key, which could case insensitive 'sitewide'. 
Fix: When building model for sitewide strategy, ignore the string on the first column and put hardcoded 'sitewide' string as key.



Make exact match boost configurable 
Summary: Created a new parameter for searchservice named exactMatchWeight with the following behaviour. If it's not present, the default value 100 will be used. Using 0, the exact match will not be applied. Any other value, it will multiply the field weight (by the same way that synonymWeight works) 

Bug Fixes

Issue: Child categories are not working when external id containing | character 
Fix: The categories from Faisto contains | inside the values and the regex used for checking child categories doesn't allow it. Adding | as a valid value inside a filter. 

Issue: All the price facets were returned when only one of them was specified 
Fix: Fixed the way price facets were added when one of them is present in a facet parameter 

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