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18.39 Release Notes (10/11/18 Release)


Bug Fixes

Issue: Advanced Merchandising - preview context by region does not work 
Fix: Ensured region changes cause the preview api to be hit with all seed data


Bug Fixes

Issue: Duplicate products are returned within Discover when personalization and interleave conditional boost rules are used together. 
Fix: Move the interleave after the basic Discover results are returned, instead of within the Discover call itself. This will guarantee no duplicates and also the interleave behavior. 


Bug Fixes

Issue: If the fallback content for a placement was deleted, a link to the deleted content remained and there were 'null' content names in the placement optimization grid.
Summary: Now if fallback content is deleted 'Not set' label is shown for the placement. 



Storing SKU variant preferences in Customer preference 
Summary: SKU variant preferences can now be stored in CPC and use those configured variants for filtering , image rendering and link url rendering. Clients need to configure sku variant in site configuration and then any actions of these targets / configured skus will be stored in CPC and utilized in runtime. 

Bug Fixes

Issue: The click events placements are showing the wrong AM RuleID 
Fix: Removed a common placeholder of AM rule id and moved the AM Rule Id information on each placement. 

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