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18.40 Release Notes (10/18/18 Release)

Advanced Merchandising

Bug Fixes


Issue: Some rules were being converted unnecessarily before being used, adding a small amount of overhead to AM rules building jobs. 
Fix: Changed so that we're only converting active AM rules. 



Bug Fixes

Issue: Find: Search Term Report returns no data if selecting only one day. 
Fix: We were querying start of day times for both end and start date. We switched to end of day for the end date. 


Bug Fixes

Issue: There was a problem with loading ftp settings from database while exporting files on ftp.
Summary: The problem was fixed by deploying a relevant version

Issue: Generic JSON layout editor page was not functional for a client 
Fix: The problem appeared due to the client using the "IMAGE_URL" attribute as an image source, and the backend code for the generic Json layout configuration was hard coded to look for "ASSET_URL" instead. Now both the back end and front end are more flexible and use whichever attributes are configured for the site. 


Bug Fixes

Issue: There is a bug with the dashboard where multiple languages is not working
Fix: Languages must be specified with only one language until this issue is resolved (work around until ENG-15931 is resolved).



Advanced Merchandising Click Events Logging 
Summary: Advanced Merchandising now logs the click event for products driven by the AM rule. If the products are backfill products, the click event will indicate the backfill strategy id, and not the advanced merchandising strategy id. 

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