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17.06 Release Notes


New/revised features

Visual make-over for

In an effort to align the look and feel of our documentation accessible through the Documentation link in the dashboard, we have redesigned the colors and layout to provide a more seamless experience.


New/revised features

New Triggers

Group of Products:

In the Segment Builder, a new option called "Group of Products" allows users to build segments based on the intersection of four different kinds of conditions: Category, Brand, Product and Product Attribute. For example add the Brand: Samsung and the Product Attribute: Red or Black and the Category: Appliances with the Constraint "User Purchased" to create a segment of users who have purchased a red or black refrigerator, creating the segment with just one condition. 


Search Keyword: search for any search term:

In the Segment builder, it is now possible to create a segment of customers who simply used the search engine on the site at least once, no matter what search term they used.


New UI for segment export:

The interface for managing settings for FTP has been improved; It is now possible to connect a 2nd FTP for push notifications; It is now possible to export main parameters for push notifications in the Segment Exporter for external Push Service via cartridge. 


New MVT category in online documentation

With the 17.06 release, we are also opening the doors to a new category in that is the home for all things MVT.  All of the pages have been refreshed and updated to the latest and greatest information available.  You can access the new category through the Documentation link in the portal, either while on an MVT page in the portal, or by using the built in navigation and search in the pop up window.  You can also get there by clicking here.



RichRelevance has completed the full removal of support for SSLV3 and TLS1.0 protocols that was started in 2016.

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