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17.02 Release Notes


NOTE:  Our list of supported browsers has been updated. For a full list, please see the Dashboard page.


With this release new graphs have been added to the homepage for Find customers.  Found in the lower half of the dashboard, these graphs will provide Find customers with metrics related to their Find performance. 

In Strategy Rules, targeting has been added to allow the rule to include Ratings and Reviews information, when that information is available.  This allows Boosting, Black/White listing and Strategy Rules to be able to target products with numeric comparisons (<, <=, =, >=, >) against the Ratings.

The online help documentation, accessible through the Documentation link in the dashboard, has a new user interface designed to help users find the information that they need more quickly and easily.  We welcome your feedback. Click the "Open Article" link in the header of the help window to navigate to the web page, scroll down to the bottom and use the Feedback section to let us know how we're doing.

Small changes & enhancements:

Support has been added for the backend API that incorporates logic that will analyze search parameters for existing/used search terms.

A weekly report has been added to the Thoughtspot Sales report along with currency support.

Notable Bugfixes:

There was a bug in the MVT Export of daily MVT numbers that has now been fixed.



Campaign Priorities

We have added the ability to assign different priorities to Content and Tag Rules, allowing clients to better control the evaluation order. In cases where there is more than one Content Rule with the same priority, existing logic will be applied — all such rules will be evaluated together, and the appropriate content will be chosen based on Engage optimization models. Content rules will have priority over Tag Rules, but Tag Rules can be ordered by priority (within all tag rules).

Default Content Mode

In an effort to help improve the ease of deploying and implementing Engage, we have made it possible to upload and deliver content without any rules.  This lets our clients begin delivery of content to the site based solely on Engage optimization models.  Clients may opt to fine tune content delivery by creating Content Rules at a later time.

Pre-built Segment Library for Segment Builder

In the first of several planned phases, we have begun to create a Prebuilt Segment Library, which will contain a collection of commonly used segments.  Clients will have the ability to copy such segment definitions to their own libraries, and if desired, customize for their own specific use cases.


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