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17.03 Release Notes


The 17.03 release offers the capability to filter product attributes by Language and Region in the Catalog Browser and the capability to target Ratings and Reviews for Merchandising rules (applicable to Boosting, Black/White listing and Strategy Rules).

Bug Fix

The issue with displaying margin information in the catalog browser was fixed.


Advanced Merchandising:

To address an issue where Advanced Merchandising was returning recommendations that were not fully relevant, we have added the ability to set model priorities for sorting within the returned recommendation set. This will allow users to proactively manage which model has the priority. For example, the client can set the "Probability of item being bought" model as the highest priority, the, use "Probability of item being clicked" second, and "Top Selling" third, and the recommendation set will return items from the highest priority model for which it has results. 

Bug Fixes:

  • There was a bug when using Regex for Context or Recommendation filtering in Advanced Merchandising that returned a batch of script code instead of the Regex term to filter.
  • There was a bug that affected the building of new context or recommendations using the CNET attribute that forced the user to need to re-select the attribute repeatedly. 


With the 17.03 release, we have added the ability to configure promo and content activities by region, allowing retailers to configure multi-region campaigns significantly faster and use their own regions structure (which is transmitted in the feeds)

In the segment builder, we also added string operators (IS, CONTAINS, STARTS_WITH, ENDS_WITH, REGEX). 


BLUF: Type ahead search now allows special characters to be part of the search string as well as suggested terms.

Details: Type ahead search can now match on special characters like #, $, @ along with accent characters. This is driven by a site configuration called "Typeahead search remove diacritic and special characters". By default it does not match on these characters. But the site configuration can be turned off to stop removal of those characters and start matching on them.

Type ahead with special chars.png

BLUF: dwbot is now added to known robots list to be able to filter out view and click requests from them.

Details: dwbot is an old Pokemon Dream World bot. It is now added to our list of known bots so that recs and discover requests from that bot can be filtered out.


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