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17.01 Release Notes

17.01 Release Notes: January 2017


The 17.01 release includes the following features, enhancements and other changes:

  • Thoughtspot features now in beta include a Thoughtspot version of the Sales Report and a Thoughtspot Q&A interface
  • For Find, we have added Search Synonyms and a Homepage graph with conversion metrics, enhanced the display of the word cloud and search engine config and the Links and Boosts list page now links to active rules
  • Added Region support for Layouts


  • Advanced Merchandising rules appeared to exclude all regions
  • User profile had duplicate products across sessions
  • Fixed Ordering issues of sales report - year over year
  • Strategy message could get cut off



Email Recs will no longer cache when a blank response is generating. Meaning that a blank response will re-attempt to generate when re-opening the email even within the 48 hour caching window. Keep in mind this may be a valid blank response, such as when a product is missing in the catalog or out of stock.



Discover now filters the out of stock products out in the requested region. 


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