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16.07 Release Notes

What’s new in 16.07

The RichRelevance 16.07 release on May 31, 2016, includes the following client-facing updates:

  • Dashboard - bug fixes
  • Recommend - 1) Initial work to improve language and region processing.  The final improvements are scheduled in 2016 Q3; 2) improvements to click thru server (cts) processing.
  • Engage - Segment Estimator (beta release)
  • Science - 1) initial work on KOTH (King of the Hill) improvements


Bug fixes

  • In Strategy Rules, segment contexts can now be removed. 
  • Dates now render correctly on the Browse boosting UI page.


Initial improvements to language and region processing

  • We have taken steps to improve the specification of the desired language separate from the region. In future releases, runtime parameters for language and region will be improved for recommendation processing.

Improvements to click through server processing

  • This release allows for the runtime specification of the click through server (cts) hostname as well as ensuring that redirect URLs are all absolute URLs versus relative URLs.



Segment Estimator (beta release)

  • Clients can now get details for the estimated number of users for a segment during creation of the segment (also known as estimate).  After the Segmentation Service is run, the actual size of its audience (also known as calculated number) can be calculated.


Initial work to improve KOTH (King of the Hill) processing

  • Initial work to improve the processing that determines the most relevant recommendations to display.  The final version of these improvements are planned for 2016 Q3.
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