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16.06 Release Notes

What’s new in 16.06

The RichRelevance 16.06 release on May 5, 2016, includes the following client-facing updates:

  • Dashboard (bug fixes and improvements)
  • Recommend (region-aware SKUs, Pending Purchase UPS data, BYOS composable seeds)
  • Engage (Segment Estimator beta)


Bug fixes and improvements

  • For some clients, the dashboard was showing a pound symbol instead of a dollar symbol. This now shows the correct currency symbol.
  • Sales report data was truncated and rounded off. This is now fixed.
  • The site analytics “Export All Categories” report was returning empty values. This is now fixed.


Region-aware SKUs

  • SKU assortment for a given product is now variable by region. This primarily affects SKUs in Merchandising Rules where the SKU availability in the region is now considered (if the region is provided).

Pending Purchase UPS data

  • The current Pending Purchase functionality is dependent on client cookies. This makes it browser-specific, and not useful for server-side integrations. With this release, we now leverage UPS event stream data to calculate a shopper’s pending items for use in Recommendation filtering.

BYOS composable seeds

  • BYOS clients can now upload a three column table to specify Seed, Product, and Score combinations. This now drives our BYOS models and allows clients to provide seed value as a combination of two to four of our basic seeds (for example, productId, customerId, and so forth).
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