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16.05 Release Notes

What’s new in 16.05

The RichRelevance 16.05 release on April 11, 2016, includes the following client-facing updates:

  • Recommend (feeds, site configuration, sponsored products, multiple strategy rules, and bug fixes)
  • Discover (new site configurations, and a bug fix)
  • Engage (segment size estimator, and dynamic rules)



  • Omnichannel feeds can now handle multiple segments.

Site configuration

  • A new configuration option now allows for setting the userId to null (empty) if the userId is equal to the sessionId. Merchants can now separate the behavior of using the sessionId as the UPS provisionalId from clearing the userId.

Sponsored products

  • Sponsored products are now supported in our recsForPlacements API. This allows for parity with server-side integrations vs. client-side integrations.

Multiple strategy rules

  • Old behavior prior to this release: when multiple strategies rules specified different priorities and targeted the same context, RichRelevance only evaluated the rule with the highest priority. If it returned no recommendations, the default King-of-the-Hill (KOTH) strategy order was used.
  • New behavior in this release: RichRelevance now evaluates all matching strategy rules by priority to determine if any rules can produce recommendations before relying on KOTH strategy.

Bug fixes

  • Manual Recommendations were not following the restriction to specific placements. Instead, it was showing up site-wide. This is now fixed.
  • Merchants that enabled Product Information Logging, and specifically Product Type Logging, received an empty response if a product that didn’t exist in the catalog was used as an input. This is now fixed.


New site configurations

  • Discover now has three new site configurations (product, brand, and category) to specify the maximum number of items used for personalization.

Bug fix

  • The complementary search was occasionally not matching exact search terms. This is now fixed.


Dynamic rules (beta release)

  • This is a new feature for rule mapping. It allows merchants to create rules to dynamically map all content to show to shoppers that meet a specific segment condition.
  • During this beta launch, the first two conditions are Brand and Category. Additional condition mapping will be available in the future.
  • Please contact your RichRelevance account manager for more information on this beta release.  
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