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16.02 Release Notes

What's new

The RichRelevance 16.02 release on February 4, 2016, includes the following product updates:

  • Dashboard (improvements and bug fixes)
  • Recommend (Advanced Merchandising, strategy configuration, improvements, and bug fixes)
  • Engage (Tag Groups, segments, total spend targeting)
  • Discover (improvements and bug fixes).


Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • The catalog tree in Catalog Browser now displays the correct order.
  • Logging on with a temporary password now works correctly.
  • Placement names now display correctly if they contain a period (.) in the name.
  • In the Strategy Configuration user interface, selecting the Disabled or Inapplicable check box now displays the correct strategies.
  • The copyright text now displays the correct year.


Advanced Merchandising

  • Recommendations can now be backfilled by KOTH strategies. The new user interface text and check box selection now displays as Backfill remaining slots with recommendations.
  • Users can now select a product in context and recommendation clauses by using a product ID.

Strategy Configuration

  • Strategies are now reorganized into the correct strategy families.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Region support is now handled correctly in the Recommend APIs. The rid (Region ID) and sgs (User Segment) parameters are now included in the clickURL API response.
  • The omnichannel historical feeds are now archived and reported correctly.


Tag Groups Feature

  • The Tag Groups feature allows users to identify and group content that needs to be de-duplicated on the same page. It’s useful for merchants that have multiple placements on the same page, the same creative exists in two different sizes, and then both creatives are eligible to run on that page. Documentation: Adding Tag Groups


  • Merchants can now create segments with conditions across all products, categories, and brands. This new feature can be used to create a Frequent Purchaser segment.

Total Spend Targeting

  • Merchants can now create segments that target shoppers who spend a specific amount of money during a set timeframe across orders.


Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Selecting attributes in Search and Browse can now be used for both exact match filtering and for non-exact match searching.
  • HTTPS requests made to the recsForPlacements API now return the clickTrackingURL in HTTPS format.
  • The diversity algorithm now displays personalized products and global rank products that are spread apart by brand and category. This allows the diversity algorithm to work better in cases where clients combine personalized and non-personalized (global rank) results together.
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