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16.03 Release Notes

What's new in 16.03

The RichRelevance 16.03 release on February 25, 2016, includes the following client-facing product updates:

  • Dashboard (audit logging, improvements, and bug fixes)
  • Recommend (SKU data, strategy names, merchandising rules, and bug fixes)


Audit logging

  • All client-facing pages in the Dashboard are now logged. This enables merchants to track changes by user name and time.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • In the Dashboard navigation, the site list is now ordered alphabetically.
  • On Strategy Configuration pages for sites with yen as currency, metrics for attributable revenue per click now displays correctly.
  • The blank Search and Browse rules listing page, which was caused by clicking the back button in the browser, is now fixed.
  • The blank Search and Browse page, which was occurring after a new rule was created, is now fixed.
  • The site JavaScript audit log now contains complete differences between old and new JavaScript changes.
  • In the Site Management listing page, merchants can now order the list by creation date.


Improvements and bug fixes

  • SKU data is now enabled as elements of merchandising rules.
  • In the Dashboard, merchants can now provide friendly names for strategies.
  • Merchandising rules that target shopper attributes now use the User Profile Service (UPS) in addition to instrumentation.
  • For Advanced Merchandising, if a rule has backfill enabled, it is now handled correctly if the backfill returns no results.
  • For boost merchandising price rules, the percentage price action rule is now working correctly. This is for merchants with a currency multiplier that is not equal to 100.
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