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15.09 Release notes (June 25, 2015)

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Made customer-facing Site Configs properly accessible, added site api key control Edit section
  • Some APIs on this page required being an RR Employee.  We've enabled site info and the viewing, editing, and creation of site API keys for non-RR employees.

Misc bug fixes  to Page Rec Report & Engage reports
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  • We added full date display, fixed the graph displaying one extra day and did some style tweaks

  • Engage Reports had an issue exporting, which is now also fixed


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Recs+Email New Features

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Introduction of a Responsive Design – Removing the Dependency on Image MapsEdit section
  • This new design will allow you to have different layouts on different devices (i.e. web versus mobile).  With the new design, you can choose to use the existing integration that relies on image maps, or you can move to the more responsive design that allows for this additional flexibility.
  • For more information on integration, check with your account manager and see the updated documentation, including an updated implementation guide, which can be found here:

More Frequent Recommendation Refreshes in Emails (every 48 hours)Edit section
  • Up until now, recommendations in emails were cached (stored) for long periods of time, and they did not refresh when users re-opened their mails.  The number one ask from customers has been to reduce this refresh time.
  • We’ve listened!  Going forward, we will be refreshing recommendations in emails every 48 hours so that recommendations do not get stale and represent your most current recommendations strategies.
  • Having fresher recommendations should lead to better recommendation performance in your email campaigns and give you more flexibility in manage those recommendations while a campaign is in flight.
  • This will require no work on your behalf to enable.
Multiple Scalability EnhancementsEdit section
  • We are always looking for ways to improve the performance of our products, and with this release we've made a significant investment in our infrastructure for Recs+Email, adding a number of new data centers to support the increased appetite for this product from our customers.
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Q: When you say it will refresh every 48 hours, does that mean from the time I sent the mail, or from the time it is first opened by the user?

A: The 48 hours is from the time the user first opens the email.


recsForPlacement API now includes new parameters - Strategy Name, MVT Treatment ID
  • The API now has includeStrategyData = true/false or 1/0.   If this request parameter is included and set to "true" or "1" or "yes", each placement in the JSON response to the recsForPlacements request will include the strategy name. Example: "strategyName":"CategorySort"
  • The MVT treatment ID parameter is now also available to be returned in the API
New Omnichannel Strategies: RelatedToCart 
  • For clients who are loading offline transactions - we have just enabled six additional omnichannel strategies to use offline data as part of offline and omnichannel versions of the following strategies: RelatedToCart, RelatedToCart filtered by Category, Related to Cart filtered by Views.
Bug Fix
  • Portal update of placements issue now resolved.

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