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15.08 Release notes (June 12, 2015)


Logout notification 

The dashboard will now warn users if they are about to be logged out, and if no action is taken by the user, the user will be moved to the login screen. This will prevent users from believing they are still logged in, but have in fact had their session closed.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where the date pickers didn't respect the locale set in the site configs.
  • Fixed a bug in the catalog browser where we were showing "0" for the sale price despite no sale price in the feed.



Engage General Availability (GA) 6/16

Don't just optimize your content, personalize it!  We are proud to announce the GA of Engage, the RichRelevance solution for content personalization.  With this release, our product comes out of beta and is available to all customers with a full suite of content personalization tools.  This set of features includes:

  • Auto-optimization powered by King-of-the-Hill decisions
    • ​Our industry-leading personalization algorithms take a wide variety of user behaviors and contextual signals in to account, making it easy to personalize a wide variety of content to users without needing to test every piece of content individually
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use UI 
    • ​Our drag and drop UI for segment creation and step by step process for rule creation make getting your content personalized easier than ever before
  • Advanced targeting via Segment Builder
    • With 24 different segment and context conditions to use for targeting users on your site with personalized content, you have very granular control over who sees different content on your site
  • Integration with CMS providers
    • ​We've built our first plug-in (Demandware) to make content ingestion a snap.  Others are on the way soon!
  • True omnichannel engagement
    • This product was built from the ground up with omnichannel in mind.  Whether it be web, mobile, or email, our APIs and omnichannel solutions will allow you to personalize content to your customers across all channels
  • Embedding recommendations in to content
    • ​RichRelevance is uniquely positioned to help you create experiences for your customers that combine our industry-leading product recommendations with content of your choice.  Leverage our product personalization strategies to recommend products relevant to your content to create a truly immersive shopping experience.
  • Content tagging
    • ​Managing content is hard, to address that we've added the ability to group content together with tags.  Leverage tags you're already using in your CMS or create them in our system to make managing content easier.  Then apply those tags to a rule instead of individual pieces of content to make rule management easier as well.

New Features with this Release!

While Engage General Availability (GA) is part of this release, many features have been present in our beta product already.  However, there are specific features coming to existing users of Engage in this release, and are part of the GA product as well:

Improved KOTH Optimization

In this release we've made a number of improvements to our content personalization algorithm, leveraging more user behaviors and contexts than ever before.  In addition, you can now choose to set different optimization KPIs for different placements on your site.  If you want your homepage to optimize by click-through rate and your item page to optimize by revenue per session, you now have that flexibility, just set it in the UI as shown below:


Embedding Recommendations in to Content

Now you can combine our industry-leading product recommendations with content in Engage to create a uniquely customized experience for your users.  For example, this enables smart cart functionality.  If you want to target users who already have items in their cart with products that when added to the cart will put them over a free shipping or discount threshold, this feature enables that. You can embed recommendations in to content of your choosing to notify the user that they are close to the threshold, as shown below:


To enable this, we've added a new option in our dashboard to allow users to create rules that embed recommendations in to content, as shown below:


Within a 'Recommendation + Content' rule, everything works the same, except we've added a new section to specify how this will work, shown below:


Here you set the recommendations you want to show, either by using the existing strategy running for recommendations on your chosen placement (Personalize based on behavior) or by providing seeding guidance around which products should show.  In addition, here is where you set the threshold value for your cart if pursuing the smart cart scenario.  With this new feature, the power of two of RichRelevance's products works to create a great experience for your customer.


Preference Center:  Reporting (beta)
This is the first iteration of Preference Center reporting.  For beta clients utilizing Preference Center - they will be able to see engagement reporting which includes # of interactions with preference center, Top Liked, Disliked, and Do Not Recommend products, categories, and brands. 
Advanced Merchandising: Rule Costing

This feature increases the robustness of the Advanced Merchandising evaluation process by evaluating costs of the rules to estimate their effectiveness (in process time) and blocking the slow rules that might hurt overall processing of a site's rules. If there are any rules that are blocked for a site, an escalation email is sent with details. 

On the UI, an icon on Advanced Merchandising page in front of the rule name provides details about the rule's processing and if it needs revision. 

Rule costing


Bug Fixes 
  • Fixed a bug where recommendation restrictions is not respecting the site's currency multiplier.
  • Rec Restriction rules are now able to support multiple attributes in the seed context.
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