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15.07 Release notes (May 28, 2015)


Navigation updates

We consolidated all the content management features (aka Engage) under the “Content” tab in portal. They still exist in the other areas, this is a consolidated place to access all of them. We re-named the “shoppers” top level nav to be “users” and moved the segment library into it. This forced us to also rename admin>user to “portal users” so we can distinguish between them. We removed links to “brandPulse”.

Dashboard security

We increased the password length requirement from 7 to 8 characters. We now automatically lock accounts if they have multiple failed login attempts. Accounts are automatically unlocked after a short duration.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug in the layout editor that was preventing the “Layout displays category links” checkbox from remaining checked after a save.
  • Fixed a bug in the audit log that was causing errors when a user viewing the activity log didn’t have enough access to logged user information.

  • Fixed bugs where the Yen and other currencies were still displaying as USD. Yen now properly displays in hover tooltips.

  • Fixed a bug where some user id’s in the portal’s new profile page were failing to load. (This is already in production). 


DAPS automatic weight optimization 

Sort now has the ability to automatically optimize the personalized and blending weights. This system will test out different weights, monitor positive feedback and settle in on the weight that provides the best value. We’ll begin evaluation of how well this system works early next month. Talk to your RichRelevance representative if you are interested in being involved in the evaluation. 

Bug Fixes 
  • Fixed a bug where Discover was not responding to recsForPlacment API requests if no user id was passed. This was an error. Sort now responds with or without a user id. This fix will apply to sort output on both p13n and api requests. 


Extract Recommendable tagging from baseline feed processing 

This modification extracts that logic from the feed processor and makes it into a feed configuration such that clients can inform whether $0 items in the catalog feed should be marked recommendable when they set up their feed.  

Advanced Merchandising: Merchant Compatibility

Merchants can submit curated lists of compatible items that will be used by Advanced Merchandising to support ensemble cross-sells and compatible accessories.  This compatibility list is included as an attribute in the catalog feed. If retailers submits alternative formats, it will need to be transformed to the standard format. 

Advanced Merchandising: Rule Costing 

We have created safeguards in Advanced Merchandising to flag poorly constructed rules to the merchandiser to review and re-write to be more efficient.

Advanced Merchandising:  MVT Support 

Advanced Merchandising on/off site configuration can be tested thru the MVT framework.

Preference Center:  MVT Support (beta)

Preference Center feature on/off site configuration can now be tested through the MVT framework.

Preference Center:  Boost Category and Brand of "liked" products (beta)

When a shopper "likes" a product through Preference Center, it may also indicate a preference for the Category or the Brand.  Merchandisers can now choose if they want to use this extrapolated boosting feature to reorder the shopper's recommendation set based on extrapolating Category and Brand from the "like" products.

Bug Fixes 
  • Feed herder race condition bug
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