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15.06 Release notes (May 14, 2015)


Layout attribute improvements

Previously layout editors weren’t able to add attributes defined by RR using the attribute drop down. We've made so that attributes used in layouts can now be entered as free-form text, we also added the Sale Price Min, and Sale Price Max attributes as defaults in the select box. 

UX upgrades to the catalog browser 

As the catalog browser gained features it became cluttered and cramped. We re-arranged the page to focus on ease of use, cleanliness and customization.

Demo: Password: demo

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed some inconsistencies in verbiage on the rec restriction pages, we made the “id’s, and ids” labels constant, we also fixed the “namee” typo. 
  • Fixed a bug that was causing an error message on strategy configuration page when adding a strategy message to a disabled strategy.
  • Fixed a bug where (with no further path) was throwing a 503 error instead of re-directing to the portal login.


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed  a bug where we were returning a stack dumps to our API when we had an internal server error. We now return a much more friendly error with no stack dump information.


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where manual merchandises products would show on the top of every page of sorted results if the merchant was using pagination. Manually merchandised products will now only show on the first page.
  • Fixed a bug on the recsForPlacement API where the 'st' parameter was being used for both start page and search term. Documentation was correct but implementation was not, we’ve corrected this issue and no client changes will be needed. 


Advanced Merchandising: Varieties

Apparel and fashion merchants would like to show a variety of products for the 'complete the look experience'.  Merchandisers can now choose to "Enable Variety" in output recommendations so that a customer shopping in a specific context is able to see more of a variety in selection of accessories across the categories.  

Advanced Merchandising: De-duplication in Rule Preview

When a merchandiser wants to place items with similar attributes, categories, or brands into non-consecutive slots, the item will no longer be duplicated across the slots in the Rule Review.

Bug Fixes
  • ​FeedHerder Director not queuing feeds in the right order


New Context Targeting Condition Added: Current URL

Customers can now target content to show when users are on a specific URL currently in their session.  The 'Current URL' Context will allow a customer to set up a rule that targets to show a banner or other content on a placement when the user is on a specific URL or if the URL contains a certain text string.



This new feature will enable customers to have even more control over who sees their content and when, not just targeting based on referrer but also on the specific page.



Profile Service Events 

  • All UPS events now include a channel Id to identify the source of information. 
  • ProductPurchaseEvent now includes the orderId of the purchases. 
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