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15.05 Release notes (April 30, 2015)


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New Audit Log Report
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From the current audit log report we now have an alternative view that shows which portal users have been active, where and what actions they’ve taken for a given date range. 

New User Profile Page
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Get more information about a user from a user id than you could previously for any site with UPS enabled. 



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Advanced Merchandising: Regular Expression Support
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When a merchant has limited product attributes or have comparable attribute values with differences in formatting - we have enabled regular expression support to enable pattern matching in and across attribute/product values to matched/compare it to the seed product.

Advanced Merchandising: Rule Copy
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Merchandisers can now clone an existing rule and make fine tuned edits to create a new rule. When merchandisers create a new rule - they can clone an existing rule and make modifications to create the rule or start from scratch. 

Advanced Merchandising: Drag and Drop reordering of recommendation clauses
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When setting authoring a rule, users can how drag and drop recommendation clauses to reorder the presentation of products displayed.  This saves the effort of deleting and re-writing the clause to change the order of presentation. 

New Omnichannel Strategies - PurchaseEVOffline and PurchaseEVOmni
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Merchants who provide in-store transactions will now enjoy two additional strategies out of the box - PurchaseEVOffline and PurchaseEVOmni.   

Short name de-duplication with seed item
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Recommendations that have the same short name as the seed item will now be removed from recommendations.  Size/volume variations with the same short name as the seed item will be de duplicated.  E.g. One-a-Day Multivitamin 250 count will not show One-a-Day Multivitamin 100 count in recommendations on the page.

Exclude previous purchases from recommendations
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User-level purchase history stored in the UPS (User Profile Service) will now be combined with historical logged purchases to exclude previously purchased items from recommendation presentation.  Site administrators can turn this on by selecting the a site configuration setting.

Bug Fixes
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  • Adv Merch: Sorting by last updated was not displaying the last updated rule at the top.

  • Currencies that do not use decimal points now display accurately on dashboard


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Content Preview Functionality Added
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Users can now preview images in content from the content browse page, within an individual piece of content, and when selecting content within rules.  This will ensure that you are selecting the appropriate content to show in a given rule, reducing errors when assigning content to rules.  There is now a 'Preview' link added to the content browse page where the image can be previewed.


We have also added a new view for looking at content within the content browse page, the thumbnail view.  This allows the user to see thumbnails of the images in the browse page without needing to click the 'preview' link, shown below:


The image preview is then also available within the detail of the content:


The previews will also be available in our content and tag rules as well.  Within content rules, you will be able to use tags to filter down the contents you want to select.  Selection of content in content rules now looks the same as it does in the content browser, providing a more consistent experience, as shown below:


Lastly, after content is selected, you will be able to see the previews for selected content at the bottom of your tag or content rule:



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