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14.03 Release Notes (01/30/2014)



New Parameter in APIs to Omit Categories in Responses

A new parameter (categoryData) can be set to omit all category information (categoryIds and categories) when categories are not needed (minimizes the size and delay of the response).

  • Applies to recsForPlacement, recsUsingStrategy, myRecs, clicksee
  • If categoryData is not specified, the default will be "true"
  • If categoryData is set to "false," then category elements will not be returned

RichRecs + PCS

PCS customers can now set up a MVT within the Portal UI to test and manually optimize different weights. If you are not a PCS customer, the Personalized Sort Test option will not be visible.

PCS MVTs.png


ISP Targeting

Now you can target line items to specific ISPs directly from the Trafficker UI.

Set up line items that will only be seen by users on certain providers (for example, all users who are using Verizon) just like you would set up any other targeting parameter.


You can also exclude a list of ISPs (for example, show this line item to all users who are not using Verizon). 

ISP targeting is also available for forecasting, just like any other targeting parameter. It can be used on any placement or page type.

Creative URLs

When you build a new creative in Trafficker, you enter URLs for the media, landing page, and tracking pixel.


When you enter the URL for the image or Flash:

  • Use a URL that can be accessed through either HTTP or HTTPS. Any protocol information you include (the "http://" or "https://" part) will be removed for you. 

When you enter the Landing Page URL:

  • Select either https:// or http://. Then enter the rest of the URL in the text box.

When you enter the Tracking Pixel URL

  • Enter the full URL, including "http://" or "https://", in the text box. 

Campaigns Tab: Copy and Paste to Excel

Now when you drag your mouse over a section of the Campaigns tab grid, you'll see a blue box that shows the area you have selected.


You can copy this selection (Edit | Copy in most browsers) and paste it directly into Excel. Each cell you selected in the grid will paste into its own cell in Excel. 

To undo the selection, press Esc.

Note: You cannot click any of the links inside the selection box. 



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