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Release Summary - Aug 2022

The following key features and improvements have been released in the Algonomy products during the month of August 2022.

Enterprise Dashboard

Enabled badge/icon for Social Proof messaging           

It was decided to introduce icons/badges along with Social Proof messages to enhance the visual appeal for the shoppers for a better conversion rate. Users can choose to display badge/Icon/Image along with some default badges that are Intuitive for the message types such as Views, Add to Cart, Purchases, and so on.



Blacklist or delete odd top terms in autocomplete

A list of odd terms needed to be included as blacklisted terms that should not be displayed in autocomplete. This is achieved by adding a file to the language service which will help in recording phrases to remove/blacklist in auto complete.


 ‘Off Menu’ search feature for obsolete products

Clients don’t want to flood the user with obsolete products but in special cases, shoppers may need to find and order obsolete products too, in such cases the shopper must know the exact match string to search for the product.

In addition, an admin can create an assortment of the obsolete products that a user may search for without knowing the exact match string too.

Enterprise Dashboard

Image URL as value of an attribute for Visual AI

You can now assign an attribute for the image URL for products to be used for visual AI so that the system pulls the right image for processing. You can assign the attribute from Model Options in the Omni Channel Personalization Cloud Portal.


User Management

Enhanced User Roles Assignment

Client admins can now create new users by themselves in Omni Channel Personalization and provide them privileges to perform different tasks in the application, based on the assigned roles.


Client admins can perform the following tasks on the User Management page:

  • Add Users
  • Delete Users  
  • Search for Users
  • Export User Details



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