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Release Summary - May 2020

Streaming Catalog API

The status service with the streaming catalog API has been updated to add paging. The default order is to display the latest messages first and an order parameter for the status service enables the order of the messages to be reversed to display oldest to newest.

Cancel and delete options have been added for snapshots. Cancel stops processing of items in the downstream modules and the snapshot state will be "deleted". Also it is now possible to delete a "creating", complete" snapshot as well as an "archived" snapshot.


New to the Experience Designer is the code editor for layouts. With this enhancement the editor is pre-filled with sample code for the layout of a product recommendations placement. As you move from the WYSIWYG editor to the code editor, the code is generated that matches your current selections.

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 11.21.42 AM.png


The Similar Product model has been updated to require relevant product attributes to be added. By default product attributes are no longer automatically added when enabling the Similar Products model by clicking the edit options link.

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