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Release Summary - December 2020


The following issues have been addressed with Configurable Strategies

  1. Strategies configured with models that enabled with multiple fixed seeds (e.g. Top Sellers, Top Products, and New Arrivals) did not merge results across seeds when combined with User Affinity as the personalized sort option.
  2. The filter for strategies created using Configurable Strategies did not support the option to have your product catalog with both regionalized and non-regionalized products, where non-regionalized products are to be recommended for any region.

The RCS parameter for server-side integration now supports the ability to track anonymous sessions that are not personalized for reporting purposes and for input into models. The RCS parameter is created in privacy mode and if proxied will continue to track the session, but the user experience will not be personalized.

Streaming Catalog

The following enhancements have been made for the streaming catalog

  1. The streaming engine Kafka consumer is now multi-threaded improving the overall performance of the streaming catalog.
  2. When a property value is updated (PATCH) to "null", the property for that item will be deleted from the view store, Find and the product catalog. 
  3. The integration between the streaming catalog API and the product catalog has been changed to improve overall; performance of the updates. 


The Merchandising report was not reporting the sales number correctly for categories. It has been corrected to only record the sales of the products with the category assigned and not the whole order amount. 

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