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Release Summary (August 2019)


Clients using offline segments and updating RichRelevance with the new segments of the user can now change the segments for a user without the system considering a user's historical segments. To enable clients to change segments of a user, such as moving from VIP to Gold loyalty status level, the UPS no longer provides all historical segments unless requested. This default behavior can be changed. You can request that the site be changed to provide historical segments by default. Sites which were creating segments based upon other segments are given this setting to continue to provide historical segments. 


A link has been provided on the home page to enable you to launch Experience Browser for your site from the dashboard home page. 

Experience Browser

On the Placement Strategy page, you can now compare strategy performance against Click-through Rate (CTR), Revenue per Click (RPC), and Revenue per thousand impressions (RPMi). Click on Compare Rates to see the new columns. You can also sort by each by clicking on the heading. 

Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 9.44.39 AM.png

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