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18.35 Release Notes (9/13/18 Release)



Experience Browser - Placement Content Report has a new title - The report title indicates the report data is for the last 7 days.

Experience Browser Placement Content Report shows Click-through Rate - Click-through Rate replaces Views / Visit in the Placement Content report for Experience Browser. 

Experience Browser - Select a metric in the Placement Report for the 7 day trend -  A user can select each of the metrics in the Placement Report to see the 7 day trend.

Bug Fixes

Currency Automatically Changes when Selecting a Day for Experience Browser - This issue have been fixed for Experience Browser to no longer change currency automatically. The user must select the currency. 

Removed a potential double counting issue with Engage Content Beta report - When Engage content has multiple tags, the Tag Overview report now counts across tags instead of adding content metrics for each tag.



Enable the configuration of Find content search settings - A section has been added to the Search Engine Configuration page to configure the equalizer settings for Find content. 



Bug Fixes

Region ID is returned as an incorrect value in the Find response - Region IDs were converted to a scientific notation and were not recognized. 


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