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18.36 Release Notes (9/20/18 Release)



Summary: Add a "publish to production" checkbox to the last step of the experience editor

Summary: Users can now create a new rule from the rules manager page. 

Summary: Users can now specify the segment and context for experiences.
Detail: experience targeting is pretty much similar to rules targeting. Segment specifies who will see the experience and the context specifies where to show it.

Summary: Add a checkbox for selecting all available rules for site.
Detail: A checkbox allowing selecting all rules matching current filters was added on rules manager page.

SummaryUpdate Engage experience layout schema and API
Detail: Engage experience layout schema and API were updated to determine which layout template was used in layout creation.

Summary: Allow not published content preview via dashboard API.
Detail: Content preview will show content even if it is not published.

Summary:  Add a page to add experience targeting for experience creation.
Detail: The page for experience targeting was added as the third page of experience creation.

Bug Fixes

Summary:  Move the open button for the rule widget 
Detail: The open button of the rule widget is moved to the right of the placement widget.

Summary:  "QA/Integration" and "Production" checkboxes were not selected properly.
Detail: Based on the status of the rule, the QA/Integration and Production checkboxes will be properly selected.

Summary:  CTR value did not have the % sign on the rules manager page.
Detail: CTR value now has the % sign on the rules manage page.

Summary:  When deleting an engage rule, the page did not refresh and an empty page was shown.
Detail: When the last rule on the page is removed, the previous page will be shown.

Summary:  When copying or deleting a rule on the rule manager page, the list of rules was not updated. 
Detail: The rules list is now updated after copying or deleting a rule.

Summary:  Rules with multiple labels were listed more than once when sorting by label.  
Detail: Rules that have multiple labels are now only shown once when sorting by label.

Summary:  On the Portal / Content / Tag Manager / select a tag page, the "Show Expired:" checkbox did not process correctly. 
Detail: On the Portal / Content / Tag Manager / select a tag page, un-selecting "Show Expired" does remove expired content. sorting by label.


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