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16.09 Release Notes

What’s new in 16.09

The RichRelevance 16.09 release on July 18, 2016, includes the following client-facing updates:

  • Advanced Merchandising bug fixes for processing attribute values.
  • Dashboard - A new version of the MVT UI is being created.  This version will be available within the next few releases.
  • Discover - The type ahead search api supports UTF-8 character encoding.
  • Recommend - Improvements to processing attribute values for Advanced Merchandising rules.
  • Science - 1) Work continues to complete on the new machine-learning based King of the Hill (KOTH).  2) Improvements to MVT data collection to support the new MVT UI.  This will be available within the next few releases.

Advanced Merchandising


  • Bug fixes for processing some attribute values.
  • Browser/Platform values can be used in AM rules.


Bug fixes and improvements

  • Localization support was added to the new MVT UI
  • Added support for multi-currency to the new MVT UI
  • Additional bug fixes for the new MVT 




  • Type ahead api earlier supported only Latin-1 based languages. Now UTF-8 support has been added.



Advanced Merchandising rules can leverage matching CNET attribute values from the seed product.

  • Advanced Merchandising Rules can now leverage matching a CNET attribute X from the seed product with a CNET attribute Y on the recommendation products. For example, a laptop may have and attribute Display/ diagonal size (in) , previously you could not use the value of that attribute to select products that have a laptop bag Compatibility Dimensions / Notebook Compatibility . This feature will allow migration of clients who leveraged similar functionality in ICS off of that product. 




KOTH (King of the Hill) improvements

  • Updates to KOTH (King of the Hill) processing to improve the quality of product recommendations.


Improvements to MVT data collection and processing

  • The new MVT UI will utilize the improved data processing values.
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