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Recommendations in Email: Email Setup


Recommendations are embedded in the merchant email using a block of HTML code that returns a rendered image. If you intend to do any targeting on a customer, product or category level, specific identification parameters must be passed to Algonomy.

The Recommend email recommendation logic supports the following: 

  • Attribute-based filtering
  • Instrumentation-driven filters (price, brand, etc)
  • Attribute filters
  • Merchandising filters – blacklisting (display more/less), boosting, siloing (isolate display)
  • Advanced Merchandising
  • Strategy Blocking matrix
  • Dedpulication of the recommendations across placements & layouts.

Similar to Recommend on your website, email recommendations optimize over time as the recommendation engine selects the best-performing strategies from those that are enabled.

How It Works

  1. Contact your Algonomy Support team to create a layout that controls how the recommendations are formatted in the email.

  2. Contact your Algonomy Support team to create an HTML "stub” for the email source you provide to your ESP.

  3. The ESP populates this stub with several product-related and customer-related fields in the image source and parameters and sends the email to customers.

  4. When a customer opens the email, the Algonomy HTML in the email makes image requests to the Personalization Cloud platform, passing parameters such as Order ID, Customer ID, and Product ID(s). The email makes one request for each recommendation, which you can see in the sample ESP code.

  5. Personalization Cloud tracks which products were recommended, caches the image, and stores the matching click-through URLs for products in each position in the image.

  6. Personalization Cloud sends back the recommended products for each image request. This image is built by applying an HTML template to product data, and is returned to the user’s email. 

  7. The customer sees the personalized images in the email.


Both calls to the Algonomy server use these parameters:

Parameter Name Quick Info Description Examples Required
apiKey or a API Key The API key assigned to your web site by {rr}.  Each {rr} partner has a unique API key that separates that partners data and traffic from other partners. &a=[API_KEY] Yes
userId or u User ID The unique User ID value that matches the site User ID. &userId=12345 Yes
campaign or campaignId or cpi Campaign ID The unique name for the campaign that the merchant is setting up. This can be whatever the client wants, however, it must be unique. &campaignId=
order_confirmation or campaignId=
cts Click-through Server

Changes a portion of the click-through URL when a customer clicks on a recommendation. It specifies the destination server of the click (for example, vs. This parameter is typically used during development to keep users within the same environment when clicking on a recommendation.

Note: When the cts parameter is included in the API request, it overrides the click-through server site configuration setting, and/or cts in the product URL delivered in the feed.

cts= Optional
date YYYY-MM-DD Date the campaign is sent.

Note: If sending multiple e-mails with the same user ID parameter, you might see the same product recommendations even if the seed product ("productId") parameter is different. To avoid this, a format including the timestamp is recommended: 
date=2016-04-28-HHmmssmil (hour, minute, second, milisecond values too)
By using this format, the date parameter will for all intents and purposes be unique each time an e-mail is sent, which will ensure that there will be no caching.







placement or pt Placement

The name of the placement set up for this email. You can have multiple placements for different emails (for example, abandon-content).
Note that the placement name does not have the page type.

&placement=responsive_rr Yes
layout or ln or l Layout name The name of the layout set up for this email. &layout=HTML-Email-Responsive Yes
zoneName or pa Look & Feel for ImageMaP This is the name of the layout received from {rr} &zoneName=Vertical_3 Yes, but only for ImageMap
slot Product position for Responsive Indicates the position of the product in the set of recommendations returned. Will be used for redirection to correct product page. It is only used on click links and the Strategy title has the value 0 (zero). &slot=2 Yes
lid or rrIndex Product position for ImageMap Indicates the position of the product in the set of recs returned. Will be used for redirection to correct product page. Only used on click links. &lid=2 Yes

version or rmv

Version (default=1)

Note that all the brand/category/strategy filter attributes defined below only work with Version 2



region Region If your site uses regions, set this parameter to the name of the customer's region. &region=pt-BR No
bi Block item ID This option will force Recommend  to NOT recommend specified products. &bi=123|234|567 No

orderId or o

Order ID

The ID of an order if the email is related to an order.



brandId or seedBrands or fpb Brand ID If the email refers to a specific brand, send the Brand ID. One or more brand IDs separated by a pipe &seedBrand=65432|98765 No

categoryId or seedCategoryIds or cis

Category ID

If the email refers to a specific category, send the category ID. One or more Category IDs separated by a pipe

12345 or &seedCategory


productId or seedProductIds or p Product ID If the email refers to a specific product, send the product ID. One or more Product IDs separated by a pipe. Note: The system de-duplicates between items identified as a seedProductIds. &productId=123 No


Search Term

Specifies a search term that can be used by the SearchBought strategy family. Needs to be URL encoded.




Filter Strategies

A prioritized list of strategy sets that you would want to be returned based on the campaign use case. Refer to additional details under Strategy Families listing below. If this is not provided, our recommendation engine will run King of the Hill (KOTH) to provide best recommendations given the information provided. See list of available strategies below.

&strategySet=SiteWideBestSellers or &strategySet=ProductBoughtBought|



List of Brands

Lists of brands you want to act on. This parameter works in conjunction with filbrinc. Both must be setup correctly to get desired results.




Include True/False

This flag allows you to show or remove the brands you provided under filbr. The default value is false, which would remove the specified brands.




List of Categories

Lists of categories you want to act on. This parameter works in conjunction with filcatinc. Both must be set up correctly to get desired results. The category external ID (not category name) must be specified.




Include True/False

This flag allows you to show or remove the categories you provided under filcat. The default value is false, which removes the specified categories.




Price Min

This flag allows you to pass in a minimum price threshold. Value needs to be in cents.




Price Max

This flag allows you to pass in a maximum price threshold. Value needs to be in cents.




Include True/False

This flag allows you to include or remove products matching the minimum and maximum prices set using filprmin and filprmax. The default value is false.



ct Click to, for ImageMap Click URL to the product page. Needs to be URL encoded. & No
vg View GUID View GUID param &vg=ad8cc61d-9506-40cb-02d1-3058cb2da005 No
additionalClickURLData Additional Click URL Data Additional parameters added by the merchant. Needs to be URL encoded. &season=spring%20summer No
engageSegmentId Engage Segment Engage segment ID. Numeric. &engageSegmentId=1 No
emailRunId Email Run Id Email run ID. &emailRunId=run1234 No
testMode or direct  Test mode true/false &testMode=true No
devMode Dev Mode True/false. If "devMode=true" the caching mechanism will be bypassed &devMode=true No
lang Language Identify the language requested using the language code &lang=sv-SE No
sgs Segment ID Identify segments to be leveraged in an email &sgs=3067 No
omitBackground Include True

If you prefer to display images and text on a transparent background, meaning the background you define in the email template of your Email Service Provider (ESP), you can specify omitBackground as True.

Note: In the email layout, you will need to configure 'background-color: transparent' or avoid setting the 'background-color' parameter.
&omitBackground=True No
dedupWith Specify the placements & layout names

This parameter allows you to specify which placement names and layout names should be included in the request when deduplicating the generated recommendations.

For more details, refer to Deduplication of Email Recommendations.

&dedupWith=P1:L1|P2:L2 No


Strategy Families for strategySet parameter

Strategy Families / Filter Strategies/ Variable ‘fs’


Additional Required Parameters

Suggested Parameters


Sitewide strategies such as top sellers, popular products etc.




Ratings & reviews-based strategies




Category-based strategies – Category top sellers etc.

Category ID

Brand (for BrandTopSellers)


Strategies that recommend new arrivals (given the data is provided in the feed)

Category ID



Strategies that recommend the products that were in demand in the recent past (1 wk, 2wks, 3 wks)




Recommendations on other products viewed when people Viewed ProductX

Product ID



Recommendations on other products purchased when people purchased ProductX

Product ID



Strategies that return products based on search term passed. Ex: “What did people buy when searching for ‘XYZ’?”

Search term



“People who bought items in CategoryX also bought items in the following Categories: Y, Z, A.”

Category ID


Personalized Personalized strategies for the customer – these may include recently Viewed items and recommendations based on recent view history, or recommendations based on recent purchase history, etc. Personalized strategies look at your browser cookies to determine the seed. User ID

Sample ESP Code

The exact code you send to your ESP needs to fit your ESP's syntax requirements. This sample shows the basic structure of the output from the ESP—this is the type of HTML that should appear in the email the ESP sends to the customer.

<title>Demo of Mailservice (recommendations)</title>
      @media (min-width: 200px) and (max-width: 420px) {
        div.fordesktop { display: none; }
        div.forpad { display: inline; }
<body bgcolor="#E6E6FA">
Beta: Demo of Mailservice (recommendations)

<!-- BEGIN code for Mailservice rendering recommendations, last edited 18/03/2015 -->
<div style="max-width: 650px; background: #EAEAEA; text-align:center;">       
  <img src="" alt="The Title" style="margin:0; padding:0; border:0;"/>
<div style="text-align:center; max-width: 650px;">       
     <a href="">
<img src="" alt="Image 1" />
     <a href="">
<img src="" alt="Image 2" />
     <a href="">
<img src="" alt="Image 3" />
<!-- END code for Mailservice -->
Above example is making individual image requests to (view source)

Deduplication of Email Recommendations 

A new feature has been introduced in September 2023 as part of the personalization cloud to allow configuring deduplication of recommendations generated across all placements and layouts within an email construct. To use this feature, add a new "dedupWith" query parameter to the email request URL triggered when the email is opened. The parameter format is "dedupWith=P1:L1|P2:L2", where P1 and P2 represent placement names, and L1 and L2 represent corresponding layout names. You can include any number of placement and layout pairs, separated by "|" symbols. This allows for customized deduplication tailored to specific placements and layouts as needed. 

Note: The "dedupWith" parameter should be added to both the image request URLs and click call request URLs configured in the email. Additionally, the Date and Campaign name in the image and click request URLs must match across all placements for proper deduplication. By including the "dedupWith" parameter in both types of requests and ensuring consistent Date and Campaign values, you can achieve customized deduplication across specified placements and layouts.

For example, let's say you have set up an email template with two layouts [L1 & L2], which in turn has two placements configured under those layouts [P1 & P2].

To trigger the deduplication feature, these requests have to be sent in the following way, note how the dedupWith parameter is being sent with placement name: layout name format.|P2:L2&rid=en_US_USD&slot=1|P2:L2&rid=en_US_USD&slot=1

Additionally, the click URLs should also include the same 'dedupWith' parameter as present in the corresponding Image URLs.

For example, for the above requests, the click URLs should look like:|P2:L2&rid=en_US_USD&slot=1|P2:L2&rid=en_US_USD&slot=1

Supported Email Fonts

Font Type Style File
 AR PL UMing TW MBE cjkuni-uming Light /usr/share/fonts/cjkuni-uming/uming.ttc
 AR PL UMing TW cjkuni-uming Light /usr/share/fonts/cjkuni-uming/uming.ttc
 AR PL UMing HK cjkuni-uming Light /usr/share/fonts/cjkuni-uming/uming.ttc
 AR PL UMing CN cjkuni-uming Light /usr/share/fonts/cjkuni-uming/uming.ttc
 DejaVu Sans Mono dejavu Bold /usr/share/fonts/dejavu/DejaVuSansMono-Bold.ttf
 DejaVu Sans dejavu Bold /usr/share/fonts/dejavu/DejaVuSans-Bold.ttf
 DejaVu Serif dejavu Bold Italic /usr/share/fonts/dejavu/DejaVuSerif-BoldItalic.ttf
 DejaVu Sans Mono dejavu Bold Oblique /usr/share/fonts/dejavu/DejaVuSansMono-BoldOblique.ttf
 DejaVu Sans dejavu Bold Oblique /usr/share/fonts/dejavu/DejaVuSans-BoldOblique.ttf
 DejaVu Sans Mono dejavu Book /usr/share/fonts/dejavu/DejaVuSansMono.ttf
 DejaVu Sans dejavu Book /usr/share/fonts/dejavu/DejaVuSans.ttf
 DejaVu Serif dejavu Book /usr/share/fonts/dejavu/DejaVuSerif.ttf

 DejaVu Serif,
DejaVu Serif Condensed

dejavu Condensed Bold Italic,Bold Italic /usr/share/fonts/dejavu/DejaVuSerifCondensed-BoldItalic.ttf
DejaVu Serif,

DejaVu Serif Condensed
dejavu Condensed Italic,Italic /usr/share/fonts/dejavu/DejaVuSerifCondensed-Italic.ttf
 DejaVu Sans,
DejaVu Sans Condensed
dejavu Condensed Oblique,Oblique /usr/share/fonts/dejavu/DejaVuSansCondensed-Oblique.ttf
 DejaVu Serif,
DejaVu Serif Condensed
dejavu Condensed,Book /usr/share/fonts/dejavu/DejaVuSerifCondensed.ttf
 DejaVu Sans,
DejaVu Sans Condensed
dejavu Condensed,Book /usr/share/fonts/dejavu/DejaVuSansCondensed.ttf
 DejaVu Sans,
DejaVu Sans Light
dejavu ExtraLight /usr/share/fonts/dejavu/DejaVuSans-ExtraLight.ttf
 DejaVu Serif dejavu Italic /usr/share/fonts/dejavu/DejaVuSerif-Italic.ttf
 DejaVu Sans Mono dejavu Oblique /usr/share/fonts/dejavu/DejaVuSansMono-Oblique.ttf
 DejaVu Sans dejavu Oblique /usr/share/fonts/dejavu/DejaVuSans-Oblique.ttf
 Goha\-Tibeb Zemen fonts Regular /usr/share/X11/fonts/TTF/GohaTibebZemen.ttf
 FreeSerif gnu-free Bold Italic,получерен курсивен,negreta cursiva,
tučné kurzíva,fed kursiv,Fett-Kursiv,
Negrita Cursiva,Lihavoitu Kursivoi,Gras Italique
,Félkövér dőlt,Grassetto Corsivo,Vet Cursief,
Halvfet Kursiv,Pogrubiona kursywa,Negrito
Itálico,gros cursiv,Обычный Курсив,Tučná
kurzíva,Fet Kursiv,ตัวเอียงหนา,Kalın İtalik,huruf
tebal kursif,жирний курсив,Polkrepko Pežeče,
treknais kursīvs,pusjuodis kursyvas,nghiêng đ
ậm,Lodi etzana,धृष्ट-तिरछा
 FreeMono gnu-free Bold Oblique,получерен наклонен,Negreta
cursiva,tučné kurzíva,fed kursiv,Fett-Kursiv,
Έντονα Πλάγια,Negrita Cursiva,Lihavoitu
Kursivoi,Gras Italique,Félkövér dőlt,Grassetto
Corsivo,Vet Cursief,Halvfet Kursiv,Pogrubiona
kursywa,Negrito Itálico,gros oblic,
Полужирный Курсив,Tučná kurzíva,Fet Kursiv,
Kalın İtalik,huruf tebal miring,жирний
похилий,polkrepko ležeče,treknais slīpraksts,
pusjuodis pasvirasis,Lodi etzana,धृष्ट-तिरछा
 FreeSans gnu-free

Bold Oblique,получерен наклонен,negreta
cursiva,tučné kurzíva,fed kursiv,Fett-Kursiv,
Έντονη Πλάγια,Negrita Cursiva,Lihavoitu
Kursivoi,Gras Italique,Félkövér dőlt,Grassetto
Corsivo,Vet Cursief,Halvfet Kursiv,Pogrubiona

kursywa,Negrito Itálico,gros oblic,Обычный
Курсив,Tučná kurzíva,Fet Kursiv,Kalın İtalik,
huruf tebal miring,жирний похилий,polkrepko
ležeče,treknais  slīpraksts,pusjuodis pasvirasis,
nghiêng đậm,Lodi etzana,धृष्ट-तिरछा

 FreeSerif gnu-free Bold,получерен,negreta,tučné,fed,Fett,Negrita,
Kalın,huruf tebal,жирний,Polkrepko,treknraksts
 FreeSans gnu-free Bold,получерен,negreta,tučné,fed,Fett,Έντονα,
Fet,Kalın,huruf tebal,жирний,Krepko,treknraksts
 FreeMono gnu-free Bold,получерен,negreta,tučné,fed,Fett,Έντονα,
et,Kalın,huruf tebal,жирний,polkrepko,
 FreeSerif gnu-free Italic,курсивен,cursiva,kurzíva,kursiv,Λειψίας,
 FreeMono gnu-free Oblique,наклонен,cursiva,kurzíva,kursiv,
Kursywa,Itálico,oblic,Курсив,İtalik,huruf miring,
 FreeSans gnu-free Oblique,наклонен,negreta cursiva,kurzíva,
İtalik,huruf miring,похилий,Ležeče,slīpraksts,
 FreeSans gnu-free Regular,нормален,Normal,obyčejné,Mittel,
Odmiana Zwykła,Обычный,Normálne,
 FreeSerif gnu-free Regular,нормален,normal,obyčejné,Mittel,
odmiana zwykła,Обычный,Normálne,ปกติ,
 FreeMono gnu-free Regular,нормален,normal,obyčejné,Standard,
 Caladea google-crosextra-caladea Bold /usr/share/fonts/google-crosextra-caladea/Caladea-Bold.ttf
 Caladea google-crosextra-caladea Bold Italic,Italic /usr/share/fonts/google-crosextra-caladea/Caladea-BoldItalic.ttf
 Caladea google-crosextra-caladea Italic /usr/share/fonts/google-crosextra-caladea/Caladea-Italic.ttf
 Caladea google-crosextra-caladea Regular /usr/share/fonts/google-crosextra-caladea/Caladea-Regular.ttf
 Carlito google-crosextra-carlito Bold /usr/share/fonts/google-crosextra-carlito/Carlito-Bold.ttf
 Carlito google-crosextra-carlito Bold Italic /usr/share/fonts/google-crosextra-carlito/Carlito-BoldItalic.ttf
 Carlito google-crosextra-carlito Italic /usr/share/fonts/google-crosextra-carlito/Carlito-Italic.ttf
 Carlito google-crosextra-carlito Regular /usr/share/fonts/google-crosextra-carlito/Carlito-Regular.ttf
 IPAexGothic,IPAexゴシック IPAexfont00301 Regular /usr/share/fonts/IPAexfont00301/ipaexg.ttf
 IPAexMincho,IPAex明朝 IPAexfont00301 Regular /usr/share/fonts/IPAexfont00301/ipaexm.ttf
 IPAGothic,IPAゴシック ipa-gothic Regular /usr/share/fonts/ipa-gothic/ipag.ttf
 IPAMincho,IPA明朝 ipa-mincho Regular /usr/share/fonts/ipa-mincho/ipam.ttf
 IPAPGothic,IPA Pゴシック ipa-pgothic Regular /usr/share/fonts/ipa-pgothic/ipagp.ttf
 IPAPMincho,IPA P明朝 ipa-pmincho Regular /usr/share/fonts/ipa-pmincho/ipamp.ttf
 Jomolhari jomolhari Regular /usr/share/fonts/jomolhari/Jomolhari-alpha3c-0605331.ttf
 Khmer OS System khmeros Regular /usr/share/fonts/khmeros/KhmerOS_sys.ttf
 Khmer OS khmeros Regular /usr/share/fonts/khmeros/KhmerOS.ttf
 Khmer OS Content khmeros Regular /usr/share/fonts/khmeros/KhmerOS_content.ttf
 Liberation Sans liberation Bold /usr/share/fonts/liberation/LiberationSans-Bold.ttf
 Liberation Mono liberation Bold /usr/share/fonts/liberation/LiberationMono-Bold.ttf
 Liberation Serif liberation Bold /usr/share/fonts/liberation/LiberationSerif-Bold.ttf
 Liberation Serif liberation Bold Italic /usr/share/fonts/liberation/LiberationSerif-BoldItalic.ttf
 Liberation Sans liberation Bold Italic /usr/share/fonts/liberation/LiberationSans-BoldItalic.ttf
 Liberation Mono liberation Bold Italic /usr/share/fonts/liberation/LiberationMono-BoldItalic.ttf
 Liberation Serif liberation Italic /usr/share/fonts/liberation/LiberationSerif-Italic.ttf
 Liberation Mono liberation Italic /usr/share/fonts/liberation/LiberationMono-Italic.ttf
 Liberation Sans liberation Italic /usr/share/fonts/liberation/LiberationSans-Italic.ttf
 Liberation Serif liberation Regular /usr/share/fonts/liberation/LiberationSerif-Regular.ttf
 Liberation Mono liberation Regular /usr/share/fonts/liberation/LiberationMono-Regular.ttf
 Liberation Sans liberation Regular /usr/share/fonts/liberation/LiberationSans-Regular.ttf
 LKLUG lklug Regular /usr/share/fonts/lklug/lklug.ttf
 Lohit Assamese lohit-assamese Regular /usr/share/fonts/lohit-assamese/Lohit-Assamese.ttf
 Lohit Bengali lohit-bengali Regular /usr/share/fonts/lohit-bengali/Lohit-Bengali.ttf
Lohit Bengali lohit-bengali Regular /usr/share/fonts/lohit-bengali/Lohit-Bengali.ttf
 Lohit Devanagari lohit-devanagari Regular /usr/share/fonts/lohit-devanagari/Lohit-Devanagari.ttf
 Lohit Gujarati lohit-gujarati Regular /usr/share/fonts/lohit-gujarati/Lohit-Gujarati.ttf
 Lohit Kannada lohit-kannada Regular /usr/share/fonts/lohit-kannada/Lohit-Kannada.ttf
 Lohit Malayalam lohit-malayalam Regular /usr/share/fonts/lohit-malayalam/Lohit-Malayalam.ttf
 Lohit Marathi lohit-marathi Regular /usr/share/fonts/lohit-marathi/Lohit-Marathi.ttf
 Lohit Nepali lohit-nepali Regular /usr/share/fonts/lohit-nepali/Lohit-Nepali.ttf
 Lohit Oriya lohit-oriya Regular /usr/share/fonts/lohit-oriya/Lohit-Oriya.ttf
 Lohit Punjabi lohit-punjabi Regular /usr/share/fonts/lohit-punjabi/Lohit-Punjabi.ttf
 Lohit Tamil lohit-tamil Regular /usr/share/fonts/lohit-tamil/Lohit-Tamil.ttf
 Lohit Telugu lohit-telugu Regular /usr/share/fonts/lohit-telugu/Lohit-Telugu.ttf
 Madan madan Regular /usr/share/fonts/madan/madan.ttf
 NanumGothic,나눔고딕 nhn-nanum Bold /usr/share/fonts/nhn-nanum/NanumGothicBold.ttf
나눔고딕 ExtraBold
nhn-nanum ExtraBold,Regular,Bold /usr/share/fonts/nhn-nanum/NanumGothicExtraBold.ttf
 NanumGothic,나눔고딕 nhn-nanum Regular /usr/share/fonts/nhn-nanum/NanumGothic.ttf
 Open Sans open-sans Bold /usr/share/fonts/open-sans/OpenSans-Bold.ttf
 Open Sans open-sans Bold Italic /usr/share/fonts/open-sans/OpenSans-BoldItalic.ttf
 Open Sans,Open Sans
open-sans Extrabold Italic,Italic /usr/share/fonts/open-sans/OpenSans-ExtraBoldItalic.ttf
 Open Sans,Open Sans
open-sans Extrabold,Regular /usr/share/fonts/open-sans/OpenSans-ExtraBold.ttf
 Open Sans open-sans Italic /usr/share/fonts/open-sans/OpenSans-Italic.ttf
 Open Sans,Open Sans Light open-sans Light Italic,Italic /usr/share/fonts/open-sans/OpenSans-LightItalic.ttf
 Open Sans,Open Sans Light open-sans Light,Regular /usr/share/fonts/open-sans/OpenSans-Light.ttf
 Open Sans open-sans Regular /usr/share/fonts/open-sans/OpenSans-Regular.ttf
 Open Sans,Open Sans
open-sans Semibold Italic,Italic /usr/share/fonts/open-sans/OpenSans-SemiboldItalic.ttf
 Open Sans,Open Sans
open-sans Semibold,Regular /usr/share/fonts/open-sans/OpenSans-Semibold.ttf
 Overpass overpass Bold /usr/share/fonts/overpass/Overpass-Bold.ttf
 Overpass overpass Bold Italic /usr/share/fonts/overpass/Overpass-Bold-Italic.ttf
 Overpass overpass ExtraLight /usr/share/fonts/overpass/Overpass-ExtraLight.ttf
 Overpass overpass ExtraLight Italic /usr/share/fonts/overpass/Overpass-ExtraLight Italic.ttf
 Overpass overpass Italic /usr/share/fonts/overpass/Overpass-Regular-Italic.ttf
 Overpass overpass Light /usr/share/fonts/overpass/Overpass-Light.ttf
 Overpass overpass Light Italic /usr/share/fonts/overpass/Overpass-Light-Italic.ttf
 Overpass overpass Regular /usr/share/fonts/overpass/Overpass-Regular.ttf
 PakType Naskh Basic paktype-naskh-basic Regular /usr/share/fonts/paktype-naskh-basic/PakTypeNaskhBasic.ttf
 PT Sans paratype-pt-sans Bold /usr/share/fonts/paratype-pt-sans/PTS75F.ttf
 PT Sans Narrow paratype-pt-sans Bold /usr/share/fonts/paratype-pt-sans/PTN77F.ttf
 PT Sans paratype-pt-sans Italic /usr/share/fonts/paratype-pt-sans/PTS56F.ttf
 PT Sans Narrow paratype-pt-sans Regular /usr/share/fonts/paratype-pt-sans/PTN57F.ttf
 PT Sans paratype-pt-sans Regular /usr/share/fonts/paratype-pt-sans/PTS55F.ttf
 Abyssinica SIL sil-abyssinica Regular /usr/share/fonts/sil-abyssinica/AbyssinicaSIL-R.ttf
 Nuosu SIL sil-nuosu Regular /usr/share/fonts/sil-nuosu/NuosuSIL.ttf
 Padauk sil-padauk Bold /usr/share/fonts/sil-padauk/Padauk-bold.ttf
 Padauk sil-padauk Regular /usr/share/fonts/sil-padauk/Padauk.ttf
 Meera smc Regular /usr/share/fonts/smc/Meera.ttf
 Sterling Display sterling Roman,Regular /usr/share/fonts/sterling/SterlingDisplay-Roman.otf
 STIX stix Bold /usr/share/fonts/stix/STIX-Bold.otf
 STIX stix Bold Italic /usr/share/fonts/stix/STIX-BoldItalic.otf
 STIX stix Italic /usr/share/fonts/stix/STIX-Italic.otf
 STIX stix Regular /usr/share/fonts/stix/STIX-Regular.otf
 Waree thai-scalable Bold /usr/share/fonts/thai-scalable/Waree-Bold.ttf
 Waree thai-scalable BoldOblique /usr/share/fonts/thai-scalable/Waree-BoldOblique.ttf
 Waree thai-scalable Book /usr/share/fonts/thai-scalable/Waree.ttf
 Waree thai-scalable Oblique /usr/share/fonts/thai-scalable/Waree-Oblique.ttf
 Fixed ucs-miscfixed Bold /usr/share/fonts/ucs-miscfixed/9x18B.bdf
 Fixed ucs-miscfixed Bold /usr/share/fonts/ucs-miscfixed/8x13B.bdf
 Fixed ucs-miscfixed Bold /usr/share/fonts/ucs-miscfixed/9x15B.bdf
 Fixed ucs-miscfixed Bold /usr/share/fonts/ucs-miscfixed/7x13B.bdf
 Fixed ucs-miscfixed Bold /usr/share/fonts/ucs-miscfixed/7x14B.bdf
 Fixed ucs-miscfixed Bold SemiCondensed /usr/share/fonts/ucs-miscfixed/6x13B.bdf
 Fixed ucs-miscfixed Oblique /usr/share/fonts/ucs-miscfixed/8x13O.bdf
 Fixed ucs-miscfixed Oblique /usr/share/fonts/ucs-miscfixed/7x13O.bdf
 Fixed ucs-miscfixed Oblique SemiCondensed /usr/share/fonts/ucs-miscfixed/6x13O.bdf
 Fixed ucs-miscfixed Regular /usr/share/fonts/ucs-miscfixed/10x20.bdf
 Fixed ucs-miscfixed Regular /usr/share/fonts/ucs-miscfixed/8x13.bdf
 Fixed ucs-miscfixed Regular /usr/share/fonts/ucs-miscfixed/6x10.bdf
 Fixed ucs-miscfixed Regular /usr/share/fonts/ucs-miscfixed/9x15.bdf
 Fixed ucs-miscfixed Regular /usr/share/fonts/ucs-miscfixed/9x18.bdf
 Clean ucs-miscfixed Regular /usr/share/fonts/ucs-miscfixed/clR6x12.bdf
 Fixed ucs-miscfixed Regular /usr/share/fonts/ucs-miscfixed/4x6.bdf
 Fixed ucs-miscfixed Regular /usr/share/fonts/ucs-miscfixed/5x7.bdf
 Fixed ucs-miscfixed Regular /usr/share/fonts/ucs-miscfixed/7x14.bdf
 Fixed ucs-miscfixed Regular /usr/share/fonts/ucs-miscfixed/5x8.bdf
 Fixed ucs-miscfixed Regular /usr/share/fonts/ucs-miscfixed/6x9.bdf
 Fixed ucs-miscfixed Regular /usr/share/fonts/ucs-miscfixed/7x13.bdf
 Fixed ucs-miscfixed SemiCondensed /usr/share/fonts/ucs-miscfixed/6x13.bdf
 VL PGothic,VL Pゴシック vlgothic regular /usr/share/fonts/vlgothic/VL-PGothic-Regular.ttf
 VL Gothic,VL ゴシック vlgothic regular /usr/share/fonts/vlgothic/VL-Gothic-Regular.ttf
 WenQuanYi Micro Hei
wqy-microhei Regular /usr/share/fonts/wqy-microhei/wqy-microhei.ttc
 WenQuanYi Micro Hei,
wqy-microhei Regular /usr/share/fonts/wqy-microhei/wqy-microhei.ttc

 WenQuanYi Zen Hei Sharp,


wqy-zenhei Regular /usr/share/fonts/wqy-zenhei/wqy-zenhei.ttc
 WenQuanYi Zen Hei Mono,
wqy-zenhei Regular /usr/share/fonts/wqy-zenhei/wqy-zenhei.ttc
 WenQuanYi Zen Hei,
wqy-zenhei Regular /usr/share/fonts/wqy-zenhei/wqy-zenhei.ttc


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